Complete Ed or GotY Ed?

Any plans for either Complete Edition or Game of the Year Edition anytime soon? Trying to pick up the base game, along with all of its major DLCs, as one complete package at a bargain price.

The base game was released back in December of 2019. It has been nearly two years since, but GotY edition is still nowhere in sight.

I am aware of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount (50% off) for the Year One edition at epicgames, but unless I am mistaken, Year One edition is only for the base game. As such, it doesn’t include DLCs.

I would say that probably when last DLC will hit the shelves then you will see complete edition or something like that. It would be stupid to release it like that before last DLC.

And year one edition definitely has some DLC included. I just don’t remember if only first or also the second.

Year One Edition has the first 3 DLCs.

DLC3 = Festering Skies too? Or you count Living Weapons as first DLC?

Living Weapons.

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Year One Edition includes Living Weapons, Blood and Titanium (DLC 1) and Legacy of the Ancients (DLC 2). DLC 3, 4 and 5 can be bought via expansion pass.

We are planning to make complete / definitive / GOTY or whatever will be the name edition but I would not say soon. Definitely not before the DLC 5 is released.

Thank you for the info, everyone. I will check back in a year or two for the Definitive/GotY edition.