Geoscape next Monday

Salut/ Hey!

For the future add in the gameplay, it’s just an upgrade (downlod patch) or a new client? Please.

My considers.

Monday the 12th’s release of Back Build 3 will include a launcher for those using Windows. This launcher will patch the game going forward.

No news on when Macs will be getting the launcher.

Thank you for your quick anwser. When and where can we download the new client ? Please. For sure i’m founder :wink:

From November 12th 2018, at 18:00 GMT to November 12th 2018 23:59 GMT. :wink: Then you should get an email from .

SO i have BB2. i will get another zip file as before? Or it will be different?

you will get link to download launcher and that launcher will install build 3

Thanks. A installer then. great

Christmas come’s early for backers of PP. :smiley:

Release on Monday?! It is a sabotage!!!:sunglasses:

Assuming you are getting the windows version. The launcher for Macs isn’t working yet. Mac users will be getting a Zip

i wonder how big is mac user community. :slight_smile: 5, 15 or 25%? I suppose it isn’t quite big.

Xsolla have a Mac version of the launcher, it’s just in beta and we can’t use it yet. Hopefully it’ll be ready for the next one.

Oof I can’t wait. it’s Monday. No update in my email yet. XS XD

Release is 10am PST / 18:00 UTC - so still just over an hour before emails start to go out.

thanks for letting us know!

Tried downloading now that it’s 10 AM PST. it just gives me an html error.

no link here

I tried using the old link.

the old link is for the previous build, mine still works and its the old one

Xsolla has been consistently unreliable for me. They never sent me the link for backer build 2. the link for build 1 became build 2 when build 2 was released.