BB5 won´t update

I have the backers build but BB5 dont update, re-installed the game but still on 0.43xxx version.

Am i doing something wrong ?

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It looks like I have the same problem

Maybe a timezone thing ? do you know the BB5 version number ?

It was 0.4 before I deleted it and started to download again

It is delayed. I recommend pressing F5 every 10 Seconds until you fall asleep.

I suspected that, NTEOTW i know but i was curious if i did something wrong.

So how come Youtubers sitting and playing this game?

Early access to creators, they got it yeasterday.

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The update for the Windows version is live (has been for around 45 minutes at the time of this post).

Mac OS will be within the hour, if it isn’t live already.

I have W10 but it dosent update, do i have to do something to get it ? it´s 22.01 here i Sweden if that makes a diffrence.

The build has gone live globally so your local time isn’t the issue.

Have you tried completely closing and restarting the Epic Launcher?

Yes, re-installed the game also, still V. 0.4.48218.

I bogt the backerspack long ago so i dont know if i need to buy any upgrade ?

If you have access to the Backer Builds then no upgrade is required.

It is my understanding that BB4 is no longer on the server as it is overwritten by BB5. If you’ve done a fresh install, you should have BB5.

Is your title screen a Phoenix Assault holding a gun or is it a picture of Earth?

I’m having a similar issue. Im on 0.4.4. Deleted, reinstalled, tried to verify.

Game also crashes as I start from Configuration screen after re-install.

It could be that different regions are serviced by different servers, so the upload needs to propagate to those other servers?

Re-installed 3 times in 2h yes he is holding a gun but the version number is still the same.

The version number for this build is 0.4.48218

Now it works !!! had to restard my computer, but thanx for all the tips =)

That’s weird. Glad that it worked and thanks for letting us know. I will pass this along.

Oooh, I’m a noob, I just assumed it would be 0.5. I do have it then.

I can’t get past the crash issue on this version. I don’t see any reports of this in the forum.

Tried various screen sizes with windowed mode on and off

Nah, you’re not a noob. The version number didn’t get updated. An oversight on our part in our eagerness to get the build online.

Did you have any crash issues with Backer Build 4?