How to download backer build 2?

Hello I was wondering how to download backer build 2? I see there is a thread with people discussing how they cannot download it, then the moderator closed the thread saying this issue has been resolved…but there was no resolution or answer on how to download it in the thread. For backer build 1, I got an email from xsolla with a link to download the build, how do I download build 2 as I have not received another email from them.

If you still have your email for the first Backer Build, please check as that should link to the new build. If you do not, and haven’t received a new email, please contact Xsolla via or to chase it up for you.

Just tried that - Xsolla Chat Support is either unwilling or not in charge - they refered me back to Snapshot Game Support … I just want to download the latest build since I am a backer from zero hour and maybe check my pledge status (thinking about raising it maybe) … But can’t find a way to do that (see my game pledge)

So this is not right topic. Thread is about Backers Build 2. Latest one is Backers Build 3. And you need to follow the link in email from xsolla. If you have lost it then maybe @UnstableVoltage will help you. But I’m not sure if you want it right now. In next 10 days should be available Backers Build 4 through Epic launcher and soon you will get another e-mail about that.

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Even if I do miss those poor doomed soldiers from BB1/2. “Oh, yeah, you saved us all!! No screw you, that’s what!”

I think it was Allen Stroud who said in Discord that maybe (just maybe) we’ll still see them in the final game. A return to Fort Freiheit.

I think we will. :wink: It would be pity to prepare such map just to use it in BB 1 and 2. And maybe some of those predefined characters will accompany us in this little journey in time. :wink: