BB4 "unavailable" on Epic Games


Apologies if I’m being a moron but I really can’t figure this out.

I got the link and code for BB4 in my email, signed up for Epic Games, launched the launcher, put in my code and now in my ‘library’ it just has a picture of Phoenix Point faded out in grey saying “unavailable”.

I can’t left or right click on it or do anything in the ‘downloads’ tab and if I click on ‘PP Backer Build’ above it I just get offered the game for £35.99 :frowning: .

Any solutions?

Sorry - yes I am being a moron. For anyone else who’s been a moron and has the same question it doesn’t release for another 7 days.


Just to offer a slight correction, Backer Build 4 releases today, at 7pm UTC

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Which in central Europe or the UK would be?

You just look at the email, because you have the countdown… :wink:
I will get it at 20:00, but I’m + 1h away from UK, France…

Same as me Italy. Thanks

UK: 19:00 or 7pm

I have the epic launcher installed
and I have access to build 3 on Xsolla site with my correct email but no email for the Epic Code

Hope I don’t have to go through the same mess with Xsolla again as I did to get access to the earlier builds.

Please send an email to us at with as much info about your order as you have and we’ll look into it and get it to you.

If you are using gmail, please check your “promotions” folder. Most seem to be ending up in there.

The subject line is “Your key for Backer Build 4” if you’re doing a search for it. Mine was indeed in the “promotions” bin in gmail until I moved it into the primary.

Email Sent Thank you
and Not using GMAIL, Checked Deleted and Inbox by sender and subject, nothing

my timer ran out, and its still unavailable

I suppose we should give it a time?

restart and update worked


Thanks. I had the same problem.

It was the same for me, than I realized I had system clock/time set wrong… It actualy checks your systems local time to allow you to download…

A bit lame since it is activated by 12 o’clock somewhere in US. And that split second is the same aroud the world, we just happen to have different numbers on our clock at that time :slight_smile:

I just started my download, 35 seconds ago. “cry ‘Havok!’ and let slip the dogs of war!” Wahaahaahaaha!

It’s the west coast of US time (ie California, Wyoming, maybe the west of Idaho).

On an unrelated note I’m going to be busy with my phoenix point buddies as it’s finished! YAY!!!

75% downloaded

I got no email. :frowning:

Edit: was in a different folder.