Game pass has me wondering

I am really wondering how these companies are getting out from under Epic after taking the bribe and it seems to suggest not all is good in Epic exclusivity. I was wondering with Exodus showing up on game pass but with more and more appearing on games pass…it makes you think. Maybe it something you have to agree to get on XBOX/PC but that seems strange.

Remember, we had made our arrangements with MS to be on Game Pass before Epic. Our contract with Epic allowed for that.

Interesting, so the Epic exclusive isn’t actually about being on the Epic store exclusively…just not on the biggest competitors stores. IIRC there are legal issues with sort of thing.

No legal issues for us. No.

None for you, but for Epic

There arent any ‘legal’ issues with Epic either unless you think MS is going to go after Epic for… what exactly?

Certain agreements like the ones it now appears Epic has entered into are illegal on the basis they are anticompetitive.

Someone who produces a product is perfectly entitled to decide where they sell their product.

That literally makes no sense on multiple levels

  1. As we’ve already seen Epic doesn’t dictate/mandate exclucivity as many games are on Epic but on other platform even Steam
  2. Exclucivity isn’t anti competitive otherwise how is literally every console maker on the planet not apparently breaking ‘anti-competitive’ laws
  3. If a company gives you a bunch of money and makes that money have restrictions, that also is not an anti-competitive move. Console companies already do this inorder to make console games exclusive to their platform otherwise a game dev is losing out on money from other platforms and thus needs to be compensated for that loss of revenue
  4. “I dont like something” doesn’t make it anti-competitive
  5. Your bizarro land logic would mean you should really be suing GOG for the fact that Diablo 1-2 is only available on GOG