Are there gog steam keys at one point or not?

Ok here i’m now the game comes out soon i technically own it.

you send me an email to ask me if i want a steam key or a gog key just as advertised.
i got a “epic” games store key much later and never used it because that not what i paid for.

so do i get at some point the key i paid for or not? i obviously not saying at release that not going to happen.

there is no point in reading old emails and what not you sadly have proven that they are worthless.

BTW. if any one things i’m here for the “i sue” or whatever i’m not an idiot here is nothing i can do you could ship me nothing and i still couldn’t do anything about it that’s just how the law works in this country i life in and the price of the product.

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Snapshot games signed a deal with Epic to distribute Phoenix Point exclusively on Epic Games Store for the first year after the release. Because of that Backer Beta was moved to the Epic and on launch the game will playable on Epic only. All backers will receive key for the Epic‘s December 3rd launch.

After the year of exclusivity is over, backers who purchased PP before the this deal was announced will receive another key for the platform they originally chose (GOG or STEAM). In addition they are given Season Pass for free (for both platforms) as a recompense for this inconvenience.

Official post regarding the change:

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if this is still true thanks for your time to answer my question and have a nice day.

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You’re welcome.

It is. The only update happened recently when “A year worth of DLC” was specified to be the Season Pass consisting of 5 pieces of DLCs.

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Hi, i bought the game on Xsolla before Epic, and didnt receive any Steam key. If they are already being distributed, what should i do to receive one ?

I just sent an e-mail to contact email from epic…from the email i registered the game with…

If you backed before the Epic deal was announced, then you should have received an email for a survey in which you choose the platform of your choice for the new key. It however, closed on Dec 1. In this case, if you haven’t already: