Any chance we could create an Epic deal gripe thread?

That way we could just move all of those posts to that thread and folks could just air their grievances and still feel heard but that junk wouldn’t be cluttering the whole forum?

We get it. You’re pi**ed. But they’re giving you a refund if you ask for one. I’m not sure what else they’re supposed to say or offer you.

It kinda stinks, but it’s their company, and they already made the deal. They’re under contract now and there’s no going back.


That would certainly be very convenient for Snapshot, sweep all of this into a corner with as little visibility as possible.

They made their bed and need to lie in it.

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Most game forums just delete this stuff. Snapshot does not seem to be doing this. That deserves some credit. These folks have been giving their disgruntled backers more than enough room to vent their frustration. A gripe thread seems like a reasonable compromise.

There’s still many backers that are still on board, that aren’t too heartbroken and there are still interested parties looking at the forums just to check stuff out. It would be helpful to partition this stuff off so folks could get to the interesting stuff without having to filter thru all the other nonsense.

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When developers actively try to crush and remove complaints, it usually does not go well for them. I do agree new people should be able to find the information they came for easily, but I also think they should see and know Snapshot’s history. This is no longer a clean company and people need to know that. They can come to their own conclusions on how much or little they think of what has transpired with this game.

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Personally, I’d like interest with my refund since they got my money a year ago to develop the game and then dumped this on me in spite of promises of availability on Steam and Gog. As much as I don’t want to use Epic, I probably still would for this game, but in South Korea, where I work, Phoenix Point is locked out of this region. Given that South Korea is a major online gaming hub, I doubt I’m the only person who got burned on this. There are other countries region-locked out of PP as well. Instead of exclusivity, Snapshot should have worked this out. They got greedy and pulled a bait-and-switch.

I think you hit the nail on the head by calling it grievances and junk in the same sentence. At this stage, trying to quarantine it in a section of the forum would probably be unwise and ruin the goodwill moderation has accumulated over the past year.

It’s best to let the storm pass and wait for the forum to recover. There will be new, more positive things to discuss when the next BB hits the market, but for now, it’s best to let the bad blood flow freely.

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There is no need for this. All those threads will dissapear under other topics after Backer Build 4 release.


Pretty much. And if you really want to kill those comments then just ignore them. With no one to argue with they will disappear in no time.

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Your suggestion would be bad PR. Now it might blow over but what you suggest would ultimately make people feel like they’re being corralled and ignored. As someone who hates what they’ve done, your suggestion, while I feel well intentioned, would ultimately be worse than currently letting people vent and just cleaning up the more egregious offenders.

I think the time to clear it up if anything is when that BB4 comes out. People want to vent at the moment, and there’s been very little activity around the forum over the past few weeks in any case.

(Is there a way as a user that I can choose to ignore certain threads though?)

underneath the reply button where is shows traacking/watch/normal, if you click on that, there is an option to mute a thread


Cheers :slight_smile:

I wasn’t referring to Snapshot, just to backers who don’t want to add fuel to the fire.

I’m pretty sure my reply was for the OP and not you, but the reply feature has been busted of late and not showing who one is replying to (though it seems to be working again).

Edit:. And when I posted this it again removed the thing showing who I was replying to. So if I did actually reply to Wormerine initially then I didn’t mean to as it should have been directed to the OP.

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