Why people hate Epic launcher and its exclusivity so much?

Seriously. Ik you dont like exclusivity, and I would like to have all games at one place too but, why cry?
I remember back when everyone said Steam will fail, and laughed at people buying there.
I would love to have my Overwatch, Titanfall and others on steam, but hey, I wont miss out on awesome games cuz of some prejudice.

People dealt with EA bullshit games and cash grabs, this is just non-liked platform.

I can’t even understand the exclusivity issues. It was always an industry option, or else I would have played Chrono Trigger in my Sega Genesis. When a game is exclusive to a console, it’s impossible to play it unless you buy said console. When a game is exclusive to a PC launcher… Why, you can still play it!

I’ll say this again: this all ordeal only happens because it has become the new kewl to hate Epic. In an industry riddled with IAP and micro-transactions, it’s ridiculous to call exclusivity the “big cancer destroying gaming”

Well and it was literally promised to backers that steam keys would be given at launch and that promise was broken. Some of us also get sick of having to download all these various DRM store sites and steam is what we know. That being said the latest build is starting to really show what the game is about and I guess the money they get from the exclusivity deal will make the game much larger and polished also from what I have seen the epic launcher seems a bit bare bones but it isn’t particularly intrusive and doesn’t add odd processes like “steam Web agent” to your computer.

Well, yeah it sucks when promises are broken.
However, people who pull back on game, or dont preorder now cuz of it, use double edged sword.
They done this to get more funding, as clearly early access didnt earn enough, and by keeping away money from devs, people just make them more reliant on external funding.

I agree that Epic launcher is, sloppy, at best. And I am glad they are not in dev team.
However, I cant see why people complain. As devs said, just download it thru epic store, and uninstall epic launcher. You can also put it on your steam game list as “non-steam game”
Really I see it just as steam with more steps.

And as far as game development goes, my only objection is too much orange. Everything else is exactly what I dreamed X-com could be. Oh and, well, skilltrees need work, but Im pretty sure those now are just patchwork.

Before the Epic deal, Snapshot’s official communication has always been that the funding had gone well, exceeded expectations and that they even had enough to release stretch goals reached after the end of the crowdfunding as free DLC. They had also gotten money from Microsoft for the Xbox release, so everything was peachy!

I have a feeling that this statement was not entirely accurate, if anything because postponing a game twice costs money. Maybe they underestimated the challenge or the scope of the project, maybe they hit bigger roadblocks than expected, this is fairly common in the industry. My guess is money became scarce and the deal, hated as it was, really gave them a lifeline.

However, after the Epic deal, they announced unequivocally that they could refund all the backers if it came to that and still have plenty. By that token, one shouldn’t worry about the dev’s funding if they pull away from the project. This actually weighted in my decision.

As for the rest, assuming one does not want to use the epic launcher for whatever reason (not worth debating here, I’m already flogging a dead corpse just by replying here, no need to desecrate the carcass further), all the workarounds provided are just that, somewhat clumsy workarounds.
Uninstalling the epic launcher makes it painful to patch. Adding the title to steam doesn’t exempt you from creating an epic account and giving your data to a third party you may not want to interact with.

To be fair, people who don’t want to use Epic should just take the deal and get a refund. Yeah, it sucks, get over it. People who don’t mind using Epic may as well install it and suck it up too. Messing with the files is just unneeded complications.