Face Hugger Aliens too Good


Turrets and friendly soldiers shooting at MFed soldier body (in response to jump) and not face huggers limbs is not a nice thing, too.


There’s an argument that trained soldiers wouldn’t fire at each other’s heads, but there’s also the argument that panic firing at a mind controlling alien is pretty likely. Despite taking those losses, it still felt reasonable to me as the player. I just really have to police the overwatch, which means that I have to be risky/aggressive with the MF’s rather than responding to their actions.


My feelings on these facefraggers is that they get on your face a little to easily, and also I feel they don’t bring very much to the game.
I know it another way of mind control but it doesn’t feel right somehow.


They can easily bring insta-squad-wipe )) Imagine a group of them attacking you in 1 turn - bam, game over ))


Or wicked situations like all facehugged members but those who dont have pistol >:)


They certainly define my strategy when I’m advancing across an unknown map.
Once you’ve taken out the first wave of Crabbies, you advance cautiously on Overwatch (unless you have an armoured car), for fear of getting jumped by a Huggie hiding round the corner.

it stops you rushing through the location and to a certain extent encourages Overwatch creep.

Whether you think that’s a good thing or not depends on your point of view, but it adds quite a Vietnam vibe for me.


I was sort of referring to the way it’s implemented at the moment. I have nothing against facefragger huggers being in the game. I just think it could do with a rethink. :slight_smile:


I don’t really let their presence slow my advance much, but I try to ensure that the individuals don’t get isolated. I try to have a friendly with a direct fire weapon handy in case of face hugger. It’s definitely annoying on the edges of the map where they can get you without warning, but I prefer being able to camp the enemy spawn locations rather than lose the initiative playing overwatch. My low success rate with overwatch helped tilt me toward the “offense first” policy. I think I suffer more facehugger hits but there’s no long term consequence at present, so I’m fine with shooting off the occasional one.


Exactly my thoughts. :wink:


Maybe a shield-face action which took up a soldiers move would add something to the situation. At the moment it feels inevitable your going to have a hugger stuck to your face. :slight_smile:


maybe when we get combat shields that our soldiers can use, the deploy shield ability will block the mindfragger attack.

I want to see a mindfragger attempt to attack a shielded soldier, striking the shield, and just sliding down it


LoL, that would make for good reading. :slight_smile:


I am good with “deploy shield”, as long as our soldier screams “Bog-dai” :wink:


technically the Crabmen shout “Vuu g’dai”


My largest hope is that we can develop tech to help combat specific alien threats, from MFers and other yet unknowns. If they can evolve to fight us better, we need to evolve to fight them better as well. If MFers are a concern for the squad, deploy tech to negate or lessen their efficiency.

If I were a low level soldier without much tech, I could see them wearing something like hockey masks with those metal spines they put in high places to stop birds from sitting and roosting where they shouldn’t. Might look like an overlarge Pinhead helmet. Sure he would look goofy in the field, but they would be thinking “Keep that sombich off my face”.

Tactics will help us fight them, but that’s only half the battle. No matter what, I’m looking forward to all the many battles to come.


In past similar games this was done with combination of experience and technology,
and not relying on single class.


I am now in the mind to agree with the OP. The game has become battle of the face huggers.


Guys! Face huggers can be very easy with the right load out.

I have half a squad with firecats and EVERY squaddy carries a side arm.

Clear any hatched face huggers at the start of your turn with the firecats. They are always a one shot kill. Grenades work just as easy but do not have the distance. You can often kill several at once, if they don’t die up front they will defiantly bleed out end of turn.

The only face huggers that ever get to me now are ones that were around corners that blind side me. When they attach they become extremely weak. Change the closest soldier to pistol, run him over and manual aim the huggers. Using the pistol uses very little TUs so you can usually run to point blank range so there are no misses.

Using these tactics, the huggers have become almost a pointless enemy. The firecats clear the path and it is a rare thing they get even close to attack range.


Its NOT the problem that they are relatively easy to counter. It is that there are several of them as well as that it takes away tactical moment if you are forced to spent time just on huggers removal.

They could crawl, spit acid first, or try to mutatewoundppanic your soldier instead of disabling control off them. Looks like halff done mechanics, really.


Well, I guess at least they keep us working on several counters, for several alien tactics! To counter crabmen I just used a full firecat load out. Now with the more aggressive huggers, I have changed to 50/50 so i can overwatch.

The face huggers are easy (at the moment) to counter but dont forget, this is just the alpha. They might have several mutations like those you have mentioned by games release. Looking forwards to seeing what mutations they come up with.

I think it would be very cool to see the aliens mutations start to counter the players tactics. That way, there is never a ‘comfort’ tactic, load out or strategy. Just when you get it right, the aliens change something forcing us to change what we are doing. It would also add massive replay value to the game.