Mindfragger remove control?

Is there any way to recover a soldier whos been mindfragged? I nearly killed a mindfragger and it 1shot mindcontrolled one of my squadies. If I tried to remove it with my robo-arms it broke my game, I cant seem to be able to mind controll that squadie even with a broken head and no will power.

It seems like they are gone forever but I was thinking maybe there was a work around, like shooting the glass on steal research missions so you can actually steal the research.

I wish you could build helmets with spikes coming off them or something to counter those little buggers haha

Take a pistol and shoot the bugger off. Just make sure you aim as far from the face as possible (mind fragger should be highlighter instead of soldier’s face).

Another reliable way is bash: just run up to the soldier and bash the hugger with your weapon: when choosing the target just make sure you click the mindfragger icon, not mind controlled soldier.

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Oh sorry, I didnt explain it right haha

The mindfragger latched onto my guy, died from bleeding damage and now my guy is mindcontroled with nothing on his face… I just realized it was a bug because how could it die from bleeding damage while its still its turn? I wonder if I would of grenaded my guy if it would of broke the bug or something.

Thanks for the tips, though! Ive just been shooting them off/using robot arms. I didnt even think to try bashing!

I sorta feel sorry for my dudes, now. I dont think any of them would have ears or noses left haha