Face Hugger Aliens too Good


Face Hugger Aliens too Good

Every time I play a mission at least one of my teams get taken out by a fave hugger alien in the first few turns, its as if they a waiting for the team to enter the game, are the a bit too strong, is there a way to diasble them other than killing the infested team mate.


Kill only mindftagger with pistol or mech arms


100% facehuger love, no matter the distance is a bit OP.

It would be fairer if they would need to crawl a bit :slight_smile:


They would be OP if mindfragged soldier couldn’t be easily rescued by nearby team mates.
I like them, but…
I don’t know if they are meant to replace chryssalids in some way or not: they are not so scary or interesting yet (other enemies look more interesting).


Exactly. They are no near threat old good Chryss.

They are really like Xenomorph Facehugger and I would love if they would,
turn by turn mutate soldier instead of “insta mindcontrol”.

In old Xcom mind control of alien/soldier was a combo of psi powers, psi weapon
use and bravery stats. Insta control is so “anti X-Com” in a way, no matter the
relatively easy removal.

Its merely a shooting target and introduction of a spawner unit as real enemy.
Would love to see this concept evolving to better.

Even as easy as crawl and spit, jump from certain distance, mutating a limb to a disablity over time
with not so easy removal. And more of their limbs to shoot even when facehugged,not ours on display.


So how the hell do you rescue a team member then?


Ye, I also think current version seems overpowered. My offer: 1) facehugging has a chance to fail (like in Xcom Apoc). At least, you wear helmet for a reason 2) If facehugged, soldier is just disabled for N turns. After that - he is mind controlled or killed or mutated, whatever.


My guess is that in the final game, the mindfraggers can infect soldiers with the Pandora Virus, meaning you will be taking a possible trojan horse to your base. But this will not be 100% efective, and the soldier can recover without problems or turn to the dark side.

And it remains to be seen what mutations will the mindfraggers have.


Target the facehugger on the team member, so that ONLY the facehugger glows orange, then shoot it.
The Huggie will simply fall away.
Best to shoot it with a pistol - definitely DON’T shoot it with a Shotgun or MG, cos that blows half your squaddie’s head off too.


That. I’ve also had luck spraying an AR from a distance. Most bullets should miss, and I’m pretty sure you only need one to hit to pop it off. Make me wonder if you angle a shotgun properly if you can skim it off without wrecking your squaddie.


If you have a Technician, they also have an ability to remove them from team mates.


Tech comes in handy. Funny enough, though, my MOST face hugged unit is my tech. Probably around 80% go for him. I’ve seen them run right past other unit to latch him specifically. :stuck_out_tongue: smart little buggers.


that’s why I give every soldier a pistol


I like the idea. 1 turn cooldown for mind control would be enough I think, like with hatching. Current situation is little annoying. Hugger grabs your Assault. Then your turn starts and that guy start to return fire on your soldiers or turret kills him.

And make them 100% accurate only on range of 2 squares, for every another square give them 15% miss chance. Similar maybe to Grenade tossing. It would be fun seeing them flying around like stupid and not grabbing any soldier. :wink:


I compromised by heavy and 1 sniper having a pistol, one assault with AR as a long range “last ditch”. I may switch all assaults over to pistol VS medkit, as I just don’t use them much, and tech heal is so much better. I’d feel better doing that if I can get a second tech, though.


I definitely agree that they could prob use a miss chance. I’d even get behind giving them a bit less AP, or making the latch attack have a much bigger AP cost, so that they can’t move half the map and still attack. I’d keep the next turn Mc, though. I feel like they’d lose most of their threat if there was a 1-turn pause.


Effectively this negates new technician ability >:-)

Seems we now need “rookies” to “scout” for huggers …


Yes they would be less dangerous, but are they supposed to be such great threat? I think that they are just distraction. Even if there will be 1 turn pause you would still need to pay attention to it and take time of other soldiers to rescue those pausing. And imagine that there are 6 MF attacking at once? You won’t rescue everyone in one turn even if you have 8 soldiers. And there could be few Crabmen around and some Chiron or Siren… And you have a problem. :wink:


Real MFs in other sense >:slight_smile:

Surely, needs to be a bit tweaked/balanced. Few months to BB4?


Yea, I think of them like a slowly closing snare. Especially given the way they’ll scurry from cover to cover in order to approach. If you don’t either move away or to deal with them they’ll tie you down for a few turns. I think they’ll need almost everything about their behavior changed when overwatch gets more options, so this may be a bit of a moot discussion right now. If you can set a short-medium range overwatch they’ll probably just get intercepted much of the time. Depending on overwatch’s attributes it may make sense to have the super accurate dive so that they have a good chance of not getting intercepted.

I immediately started taking the MFs more seriously after one grabbed one of my soldiers and my autoturret nearby triggered it’s overwatch/response fire and emptied a clip into said soldiers dome. MF overwatch accidents have accounted for 2 of the 3 soldiers I’ve lost.