Still could be greatest XCom inspired game :)

Used Covid 19 free time for 40 years plus old teacher and social worker to test latest PP up and down in all difficulties. Loved a lot, missed a lot. As with many, here is my summary. Hope some of it could be included in next 12 months ( I expect game to grow more and get real attention, as it improves)



Include trading technology. Alliance is too far away, too good, too fast, stealing aint so aisy esp. in higher difficulties

Use Forsaken as real new Alien fraction, Hi tech Aliens. Not bad, but not used as species with ablities. More like a scarecraw with shields

Its unfair we dont have much tech of our own. Enable at least some modernization like lasers used to be. Think more of poor ordinary humans not just Zergs and … no, thats Starcraft :slight_smile:


More aliens. I see snakeman and lobsterman, but good damn it something like sectoid, flying killers, flying discs and such can do a comeback!

Same for Bosses, Xenomophs, Lovecraftian stuff. Do a variation! I would pay a small fee to see e.g. Sectoids of old days, or even Predators etc. Even ALF! :slight_smile: Arrr … acid from six splatters from Melmak! :slight_smile:

Capturing aliens and having dead aliens should give more info on them, and some nice AGA pictures in 256 colours, hand drawn like you do! (sorry, Amigan in heart!)

Capturing enemy weapons does not result in new weapons: dependency of fractions is too high and alien enabler of new tech too weak, please balance. This is visible as soon as Chirons and similar appear, where you don’t have effective answer but extreme team work. Let us research and use ALIEN weapons too!


Maybe I havent played enough, but where are our shields? Nice thing that personal shields :slight_smile:

Enable cybernatics earlier, as native tech or building, interesting concept!

Give classes from allies faster since they need so much to develop!


  • Capturing aliens should bring more. Introduce em classess, so like old Navigators could reveal ships


  • Its way way better and playable after just 2 expansion packs, kudos!

If you destroy a vehicle on science pickup place, you cant access it. I am glad you have put few more then needed. Same goes for destroying stairs. If you gonna keep destructible envirovment, real nice, keep 2x science spots.

Make caching and faster loading times for poor soulds with no SSD


We need some better between base transfers, like teleport or old simple „send“ thing. Using ships requires a lot of planning in unpredictable game

Acid, acid, acid – slower and not so strong enemy acid, stronger our acid, acid cure. Not only acid bombs. And where are OUR acid launchers for heavies?

Psy powers. Snaky enemy can take 2 of yours per turn. OK willpower helps. But when you meet 3 plus your squad is dead meat in a turn. One enemy can mind control one enemy, remember the old rule? What I cant do, enemy cant. Snaky one is already strong and deadly

If capturing enemy is sooo important for juices later, bring me at least neural gun as native tech early on. Hand buzzing is quite risky.

I like virus guns very much, but we need antivirus cure, same for burning (damn warrmsss!). I mean, some things and wounds can be cured, others cant. If not medikit, bring me antiacid or antifire sprays!

AI should level to a difficulty – just numbers and possibility of higher lev enemies change. But they still do nasty things even in rookie. Programme them to use less hard attacks, aim at not so vital points etc.

A lair spawnery needs to be much more visible and lairs are very tricky to navigate. This really needs a rework

Destroying enemy basis should reduce the mist. Its conquering the world too fast. In this terms, aliens progress too fast

Bring some „alien learning curve“ back from Xcom

If MIST spread is our new “Doom tracker” (Countries that have left XCom style) we should have more ways to counter it then nest destruction.

Soldier recruitment price is same as vehicle making them too valuable, please balance

Vehicles take too much space. Either expand ships (and number of enemies when you come large) or reduce vehicle cost in ships.

Hardness seems only to bring more enemies in numbers, sometimes they act more intelligently on lower difficulties. Balance?

I miss engineers and scientists, not just soldiers- simplified base management

Customizations and UI:

Base names, armour colours (people like it!)

Several shooting modes like SNAP, AIM, AUTO … member memberries with various AP Cost – too „console simple“? Vitals are great, we just need shooting!

Easier clip replacement (I know, we replace it fully, but when there is a bullet left!)

I like END TURN place where it was in BB5. Make it customizable :slight_smile:

Skip anims, no load times for fast play

Faster enemy move, show just fire! for faster play

Faster unit move option, climbing is soo slow. I prefer falling :)))

Map, map, minimap. Maps are quite large

Since fractions are well armed, AI is good, why having just “old damn civilians on terror”, why not having their defence force or them picking weapons from death aliens and fighting off?


While I disliked it much in promo campaign, 3 fractions story is good. Give some story to Forsaken, some tech, some abilities

Its nice to have old civilization („Ancients“) story, but more „Cydonia“ or „Terror from deep“ style depth. Xcom was much „revealing“ and Biblical with aliens! More X-Files vibe :slight_smile: Its nice to have Phoenix intereacting with ex FBI and CIA, and virus likely be human made, but … why not having its mutations?

Space pirates of alien or human origin, not carring for anyone, obstracting everyone a bit? Its a Mad Max and post covid era!

No MARSEC corp. in future? Laser Squad lied! Generally Phoenix Point weaponry arsenal is too limited.

UFOPedia has never been poorer in info and pictures, very rudimentary.

Let us be Cult, Siderion … If fraction weapon and tech is well developing, why not starting as any other fraction? A bit of Civ stylee does not hurt grand strategy, in fact … could be best crossover so far!

Great things:

Body part AI and consequences is really great and innovative layer, and makes quite a strategy!

I like that we can improve at least 3 stats and pick skills, making soldiers a bit unique as well as we can name them! (Thank you!)

Mini bossesses are great, bring us more weapons and armour, and bring em more often!

No option to hire or buy, just scavenge and build sounded crazy, but makes overall planning important! Keep it, just provide more resource sources and better trading options with fractions!

Sound is great and horror, soundtrack too, graphics is cute

Variety of missions compared to Faxis XCom 1 and past Gallops Xcoms

Decent re-playability due to randomized maps and events, yet a main story line