Epic Launcher vs. PPwin64.exe launcher

Question for some of the more computer/software savvy folks here.

What is the difference between playing PP using the Epic launcher and the PhoenixPoint Win64.exe launcher?

I did read in another topic about the win64 launcher and decided to try it out. I have noticed a great improvement in my game speed ( I am playing on a low-end computer. AMD A6-6310 APU w/ AMD Radeon R4 graphics 1.80 GHz 8.00GB RAM (6.93GB useable)) and when I play on the Epic launcher it literally takes 3-5 minutes for the enemy to take their turn. With the Win launcher, the turn time is shortened to 1-3 minutes.

I have noticed that with the Win launcher I do not have access to the Living Weapons DLC but the other DLC’s are still listed there and I do not have access to any past saves. I was not aware that my saves were saved in the cloud. Does this also mean that you can’t play offline?

As I use a ‘hotspot’ for my internet connection, could this a reason that my gameplay is so slow when playing through the Epic launcher?

Thank you for your assistance! :smiley_cat: