Epic Game Launcher download flatlining

I’ve been downloading the game since release, and whereas on the steam launcher I can pull down 500 or 600 kb/sec with a download, with epic launcher I’m download at 0 kbps for long, long stretches of time. According to the graphs I’ve been down at 0kpbs for 28 minutes of the last half hour, even though other internet functions (such as coming to this forum) work fine. My projected download finish time if I let the download run 24/7 is sometime in February. Anyone else had and fixed this problem?

Thought about quitting the launcher and restarting it to see if it wakes up the Epic Games server to begin downloading data to me again, but when I do, the launcher tells me that my download will be cancelled and will need to be restarted, so I’m hesitating to do this.