My last hope to play Phoenix Point


I bought in to this great game before release.

I was apart of the back build group before it was announced as an Epic Store exclusive.

It has been months since I last played. Not because I dislike or don’t enjoy Phoenix Point.

I have been unable to play this game or any other epic game as I am one of the many people suffering due to ongoing issues with the Epic Launcher.

I won’t go into too many details but I have reinstalled everything multiple times on many separate occasions, deleted all related files and fresh installed. Opened specific ports, deleted specific files, edited suggested files, edited the launcher itself and every other suggestion regarding any potential fix I could find via any forum, google search or query to no avail.

My last hope is twofold.

First I pray this game will be released to a proper store AKA Steam once your exclusive contract comes to an end with Epic Games.

Second I hope that you would be willing to provide the appropriate keys/methods to unlock the content I’ve already bought but cannot access once it is available on another store.

PS: Steam has never had issues for me, Origins works as well. Please avoid Ubisoft as it’s just as bad as epic IMO. One day I hope to play this game again but I will not pay again for what I should already own. With all hope from a sincere fan.

Unless one needs the DLC, one can play via the exe file and bypass the Epic launcher. Which, by the way is a (fill in the blank).


Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Sadly all game files have been deleted awhile ago in my attempts to fix the Epic Launcher.

I’m simply out of luck for now. :sob:

If you can install the game via the Epic games Launcher, then you can play the game. Install the game and downloadable (DLC) content if it’s possible. Some users have had problems starting the game with the Epic Games launcher. If so, create a shortcut to run it off your machine. Locate the exe file and run from there.


Unfortunately my issue with the launcher is the launcher itself does not function.

I can’t even get it to open for quite some time now. I’ve tried every fix I could think of and any fix anyone has suggested.

Even after deleting all local and roaming app data, complete deletion of all files and a fresh reinstall I can’t make any progress. Hell I tried installing just the epic launcher on several different Hard Drives from scratch. No joy.

Sadly I’m just SoL as long as Epic Games is involved as far as I can tell at this point in time.

My original post came after another few hours of attempts to get it to function earlier today.

Hi Humble. I am sorry to hear that Epic Games Launcher does not work for you.

Yes, It will be released on Steam and GOG when the exclusivity period ends. The exclusivity period with Epic ends on the 3rd of December 2020.

Yes, we will provide a Steam or GOG key to all the people who backed Phoenix Point before Epic exclusivity was announced. You will not have to pay for it again.


Have you attempted to contact Epic support?

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That’s the best thing I’ve heard this year Valygar :relaxed:

Thanks for the suggestion mcarver2000.

Unfortunately I have tried reaching out to them and all their support staff could do was point me toward the help suggestions I had already found on my own.

Can you run a virus check and while I remember is it AVG that you have on your system? I’m just guessing, but this has caused a problem in the past. But I suppose that if you’re tried multiple hard drive installations , then you must point the problem at Epic Games again.

Sorry to hear that. I’m not too happy with Epic. I was afraid their support was in as bad shape as their launcher. :frowning:

I’m not sure if the link below is of any use?

Play the windows store version. An account is $1 for the first month.

I know it could be an extreme and painful solution, but if you are really, REALLY desperate, you could try re-installing the whole Windows OS. Although, before formatting your computer, you could verify and repair Windows system files, as shown in this article:

You never know, it could work