DLCs? Missing or misunderstood

I am not sure I understand what is going on here. I read and watched information stating that you can run the game DRM free without the epic launcher. Well, you can, you just do not get the same game as if you launch it with the launcher. And I purchased the Ultra edition and can not see the DLC for the Chitin Armor, I see the Living Weapon one but not the Armor one. Guidance please.

This is because the game has to check the account for DLC entitlement. However - if you start a game using the launcher and enable the DLC - then save the game, you can then run the game without the launcher and the DLC will still be enabled.

I kinda thought that would work. Can you tell me where the Chitin armor DLC is?

PSA. (At least for me)
Do not uninstall the Epic Launcher before making a back up of Phoenix Point. It will delete the game during the uninstall.


Isn’t this the same DLC as Living Weapon?

Correct - it’s one DLC.

It was originally going to be Living Weapon in-game item and Chitin Armor in-game item - but it all became one DLC with missions and stuff.

Cool, on the product info page it reads as 2 DLCs. Next question, I deleted my shortcut for Phoenix Point launcher so I could make one stand alone. How do I recreate the launcher shortcut?

C:\Program Files\Phoenix Point\PhoenixPointWin64.exe, right click, create shortcut for launching from the folder

Don’t know how to create one for the EGS

Thanks, I can just launch in from inside EGS. I will reinstall later.