Steam Link Play

I really wanted to play this on Steam Link but it wasn’t working after the initial install. After trying everything I could find and still getting a black-screen and unable to play, I finally was able to play via Steam Link by doing this:

  • Install PP through Epic Games Launcher
  • Move PP Game Install files to a different location
  • Uninstall Epic Games Launcher
  • Add non steam game and point to the PP .exe
  • Enjoy!

Hope this helps someone avoid the unnecessary hours of troubleshooting.

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This is a perfectly valid way of doing it. You can actually skip steps 2 and 3 and add the PhoenixPointWin64.exe to Steam even without moving the files and uninstalling Epic (though you do need to move the files if you’re going to uninstall Epic) and it will still work.

You can always launch Phoenix Point directly from the exe - keep in mind that the Epic launcher is still required to download patches and updates.

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I tried several times and the game would just black-screen, not sure if it is a bug but I would suggest people save time and follow the procedure above.

It works very well for me, but a have a little problem : I’m unable to user the jetpack of the heavy armor, there is no button to activate it (and no way to clic on it :confused: )