How to get xsolla refund?

I disagree with Epic store exclusive. I want my money back. I will buy after the year is up and it’s available in steam.

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I wouldn’t. Your money doesn’t go to epic. Just wait for your steam key.

You are expecting backers to support your decision to move to Epic and the idea of exclusivity as Steam and GoG keys are not usable for one year.

The deal with Epic clearly shows bias on your part and your total disregard for those who helped keep the game in development.

Betrayal is never forgotten.

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I feel betrayed by snapshot, so I’m getting my refund. After a year of the game being out I will decide whether to buy it or not.

Are you talking to the devs or me? I just shared my source.

Does it read like I am talking to you? or the devs.

The devs.

In that case you’d probably be better off going to the original place I found it… just a thought.:slightly_smiling_face:

Refund Request

Use the following form to make your Phoenix Point refund request. Please fill in all information as accurately as possible. Missing or incorrect information can cause delays with your refund. Please give careful consideration before requesting a…

If you used a credit card for the original purchase, contact your card issuer and initiate a dispute process. The refund process being offered by Snapshot is insufficient, your credit card company will be happy to help you achieve your refund via chargeback.