Where to get Refund?

So im first hearing about Phoenix Point moving to epic store for exclusivity and would rather get a refund for the game. Does anyone know where or how to request a refund? I’ve seen a few posts with a link that says the page is no longer up to get a refund

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The EpicFAQ says this:

You can cancel your pre-order (this includes Fig.co crowdfunding backers) by contacting the following email address orders@snapshotgames.com

@UnstableVoltage should be able to correct me if that’s wrong.

I think the grace period for backers who wanted a refund was the 12th of April though. If you genuinely haven’t seen it, you can still ask them for a goodwill refund and explain your case. It’s worth trying at the very least.

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To quote UV from reddit

The actual wording of the document said “All refunds must be requested by no later than April 12th 2019. Requests made after this date may not be processed.” - That doesn’t state that refunds made after that date would not be processed.

As I have said before, we do not have a dedicated refund department. We haven’t needed one. Someone from the team was taking time out to process those that we had. We urged those seeking refunds to apply for them within the first 4 weeks. We were aware that there would be some people who wouldn’t find out about the change until after that period, even though we sent a mass email to all of our customers on March 12th.

The form is no longer in use, but anyone still seeking a refund can still email orders@snapshotgames.com