Epic exclusive announcement and refund process?


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Just wanted to let you know, I’ve just received confirmation for my refund being processed.
I don’t like drama, I play on linux only and I don’t like another company (epic) to take over.
Personally I think it has to do with insufficient ressources and they had to, still I don’t like it, but that’s my personal opinion. That’s it, I’m glad the refund seems to be working out as it should


I’m kinda leaning towards this too. A kind of “get a lump sum from Epic now or don’t pay the bills next month” situation, and if that’s the case I’m kinda sorry for them, but that brings in new questions then.

As far as I was aware, funding had been successful and they were even set to deliver the first DLC for free later as the next goal had been met. They also had received funds from Microsoft for an XBox release.

If they’re in the black despite all this, and Epic launcher issues notwithstanding, should I trust them enough to deliver the complete game as advertised and ensure support for years to come? This is not a rhetorical question. I’m on the fence as it stands, but I don’t want my hopes and dreams to see a game I want released to cloud my judgement and hard facts about development, deadlines and such.


To me it sounds more like they didn’t /don’t have any faith in the ability to sell the game post launch. There’s is probably some truth there, in that pre-orders probably cover a large portion of folks who’d be buying this game in the launch window. That doesn’t mean they think their game is bad. More like whatever market data they have shows that single player tbs games sell mostly in preorder and the first 6-12 months or something.


Thanks for the update. I have not gotten a confirmation of my refund request, so I just sent an email to Snapshot.


This game will fall into the Anthem category, most likely. Long development, substandard quality, angry customers, and forgotten within 90 days after release.


I doubt that, honestly. Even being annoyed, I think the game is probably rolling along just fine. It’s possible it will need/get extra polish just after launch. I’m fairly sure it’s going to be the game we wanted.