E3 2019 demo gameplay

There is video with some changes in the build shown on E3 2019 event:

I love that night-time mood and some tweaks made to the game.


Never noticed the Assault being able to throw grenades farther than any other class. Cool detail to know.

There is an ability with +50% throwing range.

I wish we would get a bit more news, the E3 spoilers were just boring, nothing really new.

I hope that except showing us base building, glimpse of research and production, along with small showcase of diplomacy nothing more will be revealed. And the last 3 can be just on youtube video - not in BB. I don’t want more spoilers before release. :wink:

But they don’t use that ability in video? Overall soldiers with more strength throw grenades on longer distance. :wink:

Haven’t watched that closely, but yeah you might be right. Would be nice if strenghts improves throwing range.

But I highly disagree with you, I would love to see more aliens, mutations, the other fractions, research, production and so on… and of course I think it would be good to add some stuff to a new BB just to find Bugs before release.
I completely fucked up my X-COM 2 ironman campain cause of a bug, I hate it!

The Assault has a perk that allows him to throw 50% further. But it’s passive. Not an ability which needs to be selected.

Oh, didn’t noticed the perk, sry.

But then final release would not surprise you in most cases.

Oh, I think we really saw near to nothing, just a bunch of gameplay, bit of Phoenix Point and New Jericho. And they could still use Placeholders like all the BB’s before.

Well we saw from human side units:

  • our soldiers (all soldier classes + vehicle)
  • 1 of 3 factions or 4 if counting independent soldiers (all NJ soldier classes and 1 of 2 vehicles)

From human settlements (like 20% of all settings):

  • our base
  • 2 out of 4 NJ zones,
  • 1 out of 3? Anu zones,
  • 0 from Synedrion and Independent zones

I suppose we have seen at least 33% of PP and NJ weapons which probably will give like 15% of all weapons.

From alien side units:
6 different units - 2 minor, 1 small, 2 medium and 1 boss (not counting eggs or sentinels), where 4 of them have different mutations already showcased (it gave 32 variants of crabmen, 24 variants of siren, 12 variants of chiron and 24(?) variants of queen). And I think that there will be only like 2 or 3 more aliens.

And probably we have seen half of their base settings.

So suppose it is enough for something shown before the release. :wink: I would only like to know how Phoenix Project progression on geoscape will look like.

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I understood what I’m missing the most in all these demo’s. Fear. Terrifying atmosphere of the unknown. It just isn’t there and has never been in previous demos. Really hope it will be in the final version of the game -)

I think that is mostly because we know everything about what we’ve seen already. I think that when we come across a new enemy in game it will be actually scary. Also the improved lighting system should help a lot by making enemies just be shadows in the dark.

Not really. I’m thinking more about the outset. The whole situaton is known already by all factions. They all know for many years that there is a mist, there are mutants, there are even freaks who mutate themselves. And it seems like all are prepared for any kind of possible outcomes in the future (good or bad). So, the game is more about apocalyptic future (like Madmax or Fallout or whatever), and not about the fear of the unknown.

Well definitely we won’t be surprised like in X-COM, but still pandoravirus can surprise human race with something monstrous. Or maybe not, since developers announced Behemoth. :wink: But I suppose that now nothing would ever surprise us like then X-COM in 90’, when we were young and games were throwing at us new ideas. :slight_smile: After playing all bunch of games, watching all bunch of movies and reading all bunch of books probably we will at some point tell “Oh THIS is something like THAT which I have seen 20 years ago.” :wink:

But Phoenix Point still can cause fear. Maybe not the fear of the unknown, but still some kind of terror. In previous demos I felt some kind of fear when Queen made it’s appearance. Also every crabmen tank was rising level of danger and fear of soldier loss.

Now after seeing new lighting system which was mentioned by Kings_Rook and all the shadows which are in the game I suppose that we can be ambushed by aliens like in original X-COM. Only difference will be that, we already know most of the enemies. But well after first playthough in original X-COM we also knew them all. But imagine that we still may experience something that wasn’t in Backers Builds:

  • maybe aliens will prefer missions during night
  • siren and queen with ranged weapons
  • aliens mutating more armored body parts (which will make most of our weapons meaningless)
  • 2 dozens of mindfraggers jumping from behind corner… at once :smiley:
  • that injuries and soldiers’ psychology system will prevent you from taking more than 4 soldiers on a mission
  • explosives won’t be easily accessible
  • at some point enemies can spam maps with great numbers - even crabmen brawlers can be scary if their number will be 5 times bigger than your squad
  • and we didn’t saw effects of pandoravirus… what if even one enemy hit can cause infection? what will happen to your soldier?
  • and what if there are more than 8 announced alien types?

I am not really getting scared by games anymore. I played way too many of them, and tend to dissect them mechanically way too quickly, rather then “immersing” myself in the experience. It would need to be quite a novel experience to stop me from feeling detatched.

The demo doesn’t blow the socks off (as we have seen most of it before), but the higher level of polish makes me optimistic regarding the release. Here is me hoping I will be able to run it a-ok, and it won’t have to sit in my library until I finally manage to upgrade to a proper PC.

I don’t mean that (personal fear - I don’t have such emotions, I’m too old for this -). I mean “lore” fear. As RPG element, if you like. Remember original xcom. Some UFO attacked cities here and there. We have no idea what is that and what is it capable of. Just this atmosphere is lacking in PP even by lore. Then, definitely you are right that virus will bring some surprises - but factions, generally, already know that (one is even toying with it for quite some time).

And yes, as a gameplay element, I still hope for “desperate situation”, when you understand that your gear is just very poor and the enemy is much more advanced, it is one step ahead all the time. Not you, but the enemy.

“Fear of the unknown” like in TFTD also comes from the story, I really loved the booklet with the short stories… in fact I was a child and read books like Alien, it was frightening! Today it needs a bit more. Would be really cool to get alien autopsy videos (research) that would make you fear the aliens. Research/Engineering videos with massive failing, harming your empolyees and building and you sit there and watch it with mouth wide open, can’t believe what’s happening. In Phoenix Point they could “introduce” the Queen, Behemoth or other Bosses with much scarier videos.

Btw how they will fit Queen in the autopsy room? :smiley:

bit by bit

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  • Looks like it plays way better than XCOM already.
  • WTF is up with your sucky Enemy-Taking-Damage-TXT colors they SUCK ARS ==> FIX THEM!!
  • Your Sentry Gun fire effect SUCKS. FIX IT!!
  • The queen mist effect is a little lame. Blue specular mist WTF?? Haven’t you seen the movie The Mist (2007)??
    Yeah, that looks like SCARY FCKN MIST! MAKE IT SO!!!