Let's play by devs


To see or not to see? Don’t want to spoil final game, but… hype INTENSIFYING!..

Yeah, I’m also hovering…

Is it a let’s play, a tutorial, or a bit of both?

This first video (and the second one) are pretty much playing through the tactical and strategic tutorial respectively. Apart from the introductory cut-scenes, there’s no spoilers in the first 2 videos

I went and saw skipping every five minutes, it was like seeing a Powerpoint presentation. Seems to have quite a lengthy tutorial!!

It’s not that long really - I just take my time to explain things as I go through. It will be a lot faster paced from the 3rd video once the mechanics are explained.

Looks legit. Looking forward to Tuesday evening (assuming launch will happen sometime morning US time).

21:50 - opening crate, +1 will bonus. I assume the will is capped now? We will see if it will solve the issue of infinite ability combos.

EDIT. Any info regarding estimated download/install size? Nothing about it among system requirements.

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I think download is around 15gb. Install is around 20.5

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Looks like not much has changed since BB5, except some balancing stuff. Grenade 500 blast damage shocked me. :wink:

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Well, if the manufacturing cost of the granade didn’t change it is ok, the one single handgranade was way too expensive compared to an ammo clip and the dmg it has done.

One big question is, will the Granade Launcher (Goliath) have the same damage? I hope not, the 12 ammo clip from Goliath were also totally unbalanced to the single handgranades.

Maybe some aliens will have “blast dmg resistance” to compensate, we will see in some days. :wink:

BTW: The explosion looks great now!

If anything, it won’t be as accurate as a hand granade.

I was more commenting on overall presentation. For those who wanted a tactical intro before reaching the base, here it is!

Like this one?

Yup. That’s the one.

I was expecting more choices of perks like in past builds…but from what I can see I’m upset

hmm video2, 22:05. Post scavenging site graphic spoiling an unencountered enemy design. :roll_eyes:

that is a triton, first seen in BB5 so they are not spoiled also you shouldn’t watch a let’s play if you don’t want to get spoiled, unless you mean unencountered in the let’s play in that case the technician also got spoiled

0:39 - does it mean that there will be 24 bases, not 6 like in BB5? :smiley:

1:03 - final enemy in some DLC?

5:31 - huge inconsistency? where is Scarab which bring you to that Phoenix Point base?

Yeah, I meant that. Not a biggie, but a bit sloppy, IMO. Certainly won’t please folks who already complained about lack of “mystery” and “discovery” in the game.

8 if I read the UI right (5:35)

Meh, more like not quite mutated chap. I wonder what this beauty is/ Another megaboss? Overmind on the moon?

:shushing_face: it run out of the fuel and had to be left in a ditch. What happened that made our soldiers mere immortal? So are those dudes picked up by scarab randos, or PP operatives who for some reason run around without knowledge of where their headquarters are? If they are randos, why are they wearing PP equipment?

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Nah. Mind in the ocean - target of Exalted. :wink:

Fortunately it was only tutorial damage value. Later on it goes back to 50. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately from that Lets play I see that only balancing, bugs removing and additional UI element (and probably something we players were not aware of) were done. Almost none of features mentioned in feedbacks were implemented. We will see what patches and DLCs will bring.