E3 2019 demo gameplay

I suppose that such effect would kill the computers of many players :wink: This is strategy in first place, so some simplifications in graphics are welcome sight just to make game playable for even old rigs. :wink:

Btw expession like “suck ars” etc in caps probably will be skipped as not reasonable argumentation. :wink:

Nah… new, modern Games should always go for the top-tier hardware so the game would still looks good in a few years when such hardware is only mid-tier. At the moment the unoptimized BBs are really performance hungry but it is still playable on a mid-tier PC on fantastic.
It is not good for Programmers (and customer) if they hold back just to make their software runable on WinXP, 32Bit OS, DX9 or such old stuff. Cmon guys it is 2019, buy a new PC!

But particle effects like fog, smoke, fire or clouds etc. are really performance consuming. That is why they are usually point effects not covering full screen. Did you saw a game using realisic fog effect? Even if so it was probably some FPS, not the strategy game. Here power must go in other things than generating graphics. And remember that Snapshot Games is still small indie studio. Game engine already generate quite nice graphics and developing something more can make it too “heavy”.

Of course if devs can make it performance light then why not… But I suppose we would saw it more commonly in other games. :wink:

Gimmy money and I will. I am certainly not against the upgrade.

Steam statistics, june 2019: most players have gtx 1050-1060 or lower. Above that - tiny minority. Most players have 4 core processor. Game devs, I guess, use this information for consideration.

If you have a 4 Core, gtx 1060, 8GB RAM and Win10 x64 = steam statistics most used, than you might say it is a mid-tier PC, most games will run good with the most played resolution of 1920x1080.
I just say the Devs don’t have to optimize games/software for 8+ years old hard-/software like some poeple just crying for.
Also Steam is a platform with many low end and old games, so there are plenty of gamers with these PCs you will always see in the statistics.
Can you remember when Crysis was released? https://www.pcgamer.com/10-years-later-we-can-finally-run-crysis/

Like everyone else I have to work and save money, you can do the same.

Well, I problem is not the age of the machine, but that it is a laptop. Until this year I was on the move, which meant buying a stationary PC wasn’t an option.

Ha! I do the same, but my conscience won’t won’t allow me to spend so much on entertainment while the old machine still works just fine. Maybe in 2020, when there will be an over abundance of titles worth playing.

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Ye, also sitting on a laptop. The problem with these - 1050ti vcard is maximum here for budget laptop. This and 4 core pocessor is still quite stable, while 1060 and 6 core processor in budget (!) laptop means terrible throttling after some 30-60 mins of playing (sometimes longer, but forget about several hours of playing in a row). And laptops with good cooling (even with outdated 1060) is always an expensive variant. Eh. I was hoping for some good news from AMD with their 7nm tech process, but it seems they will have nothing to offer.

+1 - I hate throwing things away/upgrading them whilst they still work - My laptop’s on its last legs now and there’s a massive split in the case, not so much a laptop as a holdverystilltop, but it’s still going - gaffer tape can work wonders.

I’m completely with you (throwing away stuff that works), but a laptop is really bad for gaming, considering you got a decent gaming laptop you could have brought 2 gaming PCs and would also be able to uprgade and repair or just get a console like XBox for Phoenix Point.

I will play it even if it comes with ASCII-art only design. I couldn’t care less about fog effects :P. I have pre-RTX top-notch gaming rig, yet still I appreciate the fact I am actually able to play it (backer builds at least) on my few years old gaming laptop. This is type of game I will play anytime anywhere, like I used to with X-Com series. :slight_smile:

Of course, but at the time I was regularly moving between Europe and USA, so a desktop wasn’t an option. Now I am settled down enough to build a PC - 2020 might be a good year to do it, as there quite a few titles I want to play. For now, my laptop is good enough to run a decent amount of indies, and while there are a few titles I can’t run, I feel I can do with what I have, for now.