Just a Thanks For a great game

I just got the game played my first game (got my ass handed to me) I love it. I can’t wait to see whats next. In the meantime i’m gonna go for more.


My thought the same. I didn’t play for over a month or maybe even two. But last friday I have played one random map and… damn. This demo is really nice even with all it’s flaws.

I hope that in BB3 or maybe next BB they will fix most irritating issues from BB2, and they definitely work on some of them:

  1. team queue switching to Armadillo’s driver instead of Armadillo itself (maybe there should be also action deciding which soldier is the driver when two or more soldiers are in vehicle - if we want to change the driver then both soldiers need to have at least 25% AP left? something like that)
  2. Armadillo action points combined with drivers AP pool (there could be even some skill like “heavy machines operator” which extends soldier’s AP for vehicles)
  3. add counters for:
    a) action points instead of just bar (sometimes it is hard to see if soldier will have 24% or 25% of AP after move or after using some action)
    b) HP, especially for vehicles and bosses (counthing those small boxes if annoying) :wink:
    c) ammo in weapon or magazine as current representation is not accurate enough - there could still be some visual representation how many bursts we have with current soldier (because i think that will differ depending on soldier class and skills, right? for example with assault rifle: trained assault will shoot 8 bullet burst comparing to untrained assault which will shoot 6 bullets, and some other class will shoot 4 or 5 bullets).
  4. change in objects durability, and i mean changing all objects to be more sturdy, before full release it not must be exact balancing and distinction of steel, concrete, wood or by object thickness, but it is silly when pistol bullet destroys concrete element of building or some composite box
  5. changing interaction of queen and vehicles with bigger objects, as for now both those units are too powerful - they destroy everything just by moving on that object, which i think is too much. Of course they can have some special action to destroy envirnonment like Armadillo’s Ram, but even then Armadillo should destroy one wall taking also some damage, and stop there - not pierce through whole building without scratch. :slight_smile: Queen could have something similar, some attack to collapse one wall or some part of the building - but not like now when she move through it and also attack :frowning:
  6. expand lean system for soldiers when they take step aside from behind object/building corner to shoot enemy - there is something like that but it doesn’t work in all situations, and it would be great if we can decide if soldier takes that step to either of sides to shoot something - even if there is no enemy (this is definitely situation when this system doesn’t work)
  7. change how inventory works and is displayed

I definitely wait for few things:

  • strategy layer in final game where you need to organize bases, tranports and logistics (world simulation and competition of 3 human factions with diplomacy, trade and expansion)
  • soldiers backgrounds and mental conditions
  • day/night cycle and perception affecting how soldiers perform
  • i suppose there won’t be year seasons affecting gameplay… but let me dream a little bit :wink:
  • some strange mist changing combat area
  • actually implemented ballistic and cover system (this is greatest feature of this game so far)
  • enemies mutating and adjusting to your tactical decisions (we now see variations of crabmen) which is also fantastic feature
  • weapon categories not working like tiers in FiraXCOM and armor sets
  • and this dark world with the decline of humanity attacked by strange virus - really interesting setting comparing to little “bullshit” about alien invasion and one small organization pushing aliens back - sorry Julian Gollop and Jake Solomon :wink:
  • idea of inventory in mission, where you can pick up items, exchange them between soldiers, and almost none of item is soldier or class specific

For sure! Even if I haven’t been playing in the past month or so, Phoenix Point is by far my most wanted game for the next couple of months!


Agreed. For a ‘pre-alpha backers build’ whatever, it’s already one hell of a game. It’s comforting to know the dev’s have a firm hold of this game and are sticking to the plan.

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Previously I had some concerns, because I had constant crashes, but after doing clean installation of Windows now everything works fine and I can play over a dozen random battles without any problem and enjoy this little demo. As many other players, I can’t wait for next BB. :wink: And I’m sure I will definitely need over a week o vacations when the game will release.

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