Quick summary of BB3

So after playing those couple of hours -> :wink: <- in BB3 my general thoughts are:

  • devs need to address all bugs which I and other players have spotted
  • if all my ideas would be implemented (some quality of life changes which should not take a lot of time) then the game would be really better, unless developers have something better on their minds, or, even if not better, then colliding with my ideas :wink:
  • for now haven defence missions are most fun with all their settings variety
  • sniper is set to miss his shots (even if you set aiming circle that there is 98% chance of hit - literally 3 or 4 pixels in whole outer circle - he will shot on those pixels) - happened to me 3 times in a row :wink:
  • we need to see some progression (xp for soldiers, base building, some economy to spend or invest resources) in BB4 to get game more interesting (then my wife will surely sit to play it for a while)
  • there should be small tutorial, because I have seen people on internet playing without free aim (at all so they didn’t know how big chance to hit is), or without aiming alien body parts (and complaining about weapon being too weak), or wondering how to recruit or acquire new ammunition to their weapons, or even telling them that timelaps button has some purpose
  • I love some small details on map props (screens, holograms, small items like cups) and soldier models (bags) etc.

btw, did you knew that soldier not holding his class specific weapon has 25% chance of hitting comparing to soldier holding his class specific weapon? Hit radius is doubled during aiming, which means spread cone has 4 times bigger area.

Ugh. Definitely not a fan of the bb3 sniper.

Didn’t notice the non-class thing. I had stopped cross-classing weapons with the exception of the grenade launcher (which is currently preternaturally accurate).

Non-class also creates the chance of fumble on return/overwatch fire. Just not worth messing with (not with adequate equipment around).