Did not get early access


I bought the early access package after the press releases but did neither receive a key nor any links to download the game. The product clearly stated that early access is included, what do I have to do in order to get the (in developing) game?


You can download the Backer Build from the Xsolla PayStation page. You can return there by clicking on the Transaction ID number in your email from Xsolla. Once on the PayStation page, the links for the Windows, Mac OS and Linux versions should be seen at the bottom or the receipt (see attached image).

*NOTE these links will not always appear on the mobile version of the page.

Early Access is included only with the Luxury Digital Edition ($50) and above.

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Same to me-cannot find the way to get the download page on Xsolla.Must i get a registration of this page?

in your receipt from Xsolla, there are a couple of green hyperlinks that will say “Download the game.”

That will take you to the PayStation page. This will list your version, “Enjoy the game,” the merchant, your email adress and below that the option to choose either the Windows or Mac version.

Currently only the Windows version uses the launcher, but the Mac version should be along Soon™.

THX i have done-now the launcher is very low and sometimes interrupting .

Please follow the steps stated here: Slow Backer Build 3 Download via Launcher? READ THIS FIRST

The post is stickied at the top of the forum.

Thank you for posting this information, @UnstableVoltage. I completed the purchase on my phone and kept checking for a download link. It took seeing your post to realize that I already had such a link, and just wasn’t aware of it. Downloading now! :smiley: