Where did the game go


Long story short.

Where can i re-download the game? Already had it on my system a bout a month ago and then removed it again after trying it a bit. Now i wanna try the new stuff, but i cannot find any download button anywhere on the website What the eff

Hmm, weird. Check your email for anything from Xsolla, I know I downloaded my second backer demo from a link in an email xsolla sent me :o

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The download link for the Backer Build is only available from the email sent to you from Xsolla. If you no longer have the email, you will need to contact Xsolla for them to re-issue it.

https://help.xsolla.com or support@xsolla.com

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Yeah okay, that would be my problem.

That seems like a realy REALY bad way to sell games. Why not just have a download button avaliable after the game is linked to the account… Like every other game i’ve ever bought online…

Edit: On the upside, Xsolla was very helpful about it, and they even had a open phoneline avaliable on a saturday morning. Thumbs up there!

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I’ll go out on a limb here but it would be extremely redundant for them to setup an entitlement management system on their site considering the game is meant to be distributed through Steam and Gog later on (I know PP isn’t showing on Steam yet and probably not on GoG either)

As they’re currently using the services from a third party provider, they may as well make the most of what they paid for. This saves Snapshot the expense of setting up a support of their own to deal with these issues, and it probably also makes their life easier regarding users’ personal data and compliance laws since Xsolla would bear a lot of this burden.

That’s only a guess of course but it would make sense for a studio that wants to allocate as many resources as possible to actual game development.


Maybe because it is not a game but a backer pre-alpha build? The final game will be in Steam or GOG (whatever you pick), and they do are working on a launcher for future builds.

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