Question about downloading Backer Build

I’ve purchased the game through xsolla but I haven’t received any link or download code? Wasn’t this game in early access already?

Depends on your backer level. Access to the “backer build” starts at Luxury Digital Edition level, I believe. You can upgrade from the basic level to get early access if you wish. Email Snapshot support ( from the email you used for the purchase. Dead easy.

I got the Luxury Digital Edition, but I still haven’t received anything :frowning:

You can download the Backer Build from the Xsolla PayStation page. You can return there by clicking on the Transaction ID number in your email from Xsolla. Once on the PayStation page, the links for the Windows, Mac OS and Linux versions should be seen towards the top of the page.

*NOTE these links will not appear on the mobile version of the page.

Thanks, is Safari the download links were not shown, I don’t if it was because some ad blockers I use:

I’ve been able to download it using Chrome without problems

Which device were you using Safari on? I can pass this on to Xsolla to look into.

A MacBook Pro using MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5

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