Slow Backer Build 3 Download via Launcher? READ THIS FIRST

If you are experienceing issues with the Backer Build 3 Launcher, please read this first.

The current version of the launcher is:

The bottom left corner of the launcher will show only 1.6.31

If you are experiencing a slow download or your download is stuck:

Disable P2P transfer.

    • Open the settings menu with the cogwheel in the top right of the launcher.
    • Uncheck “Use a P2P connection”.
    • Hit “Done”
    • Quit the launcher.

Run the launcher as administrator.

    • Right click on the launcher shortcut icon.
    • Select “Run as administrator” from the shell menu.


We are aware that other launcher issues have been reported, and we are working to resolve them. We will update this post with solutions as they are available.

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Nice to see P2P has legal use …

As well as how Windows makes things less happier :slight_smile:


You missed out on a lot if you noticed this only now… Just an example of a small game having a little problem with p2p in 2011 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can’t do any of that, launcher automatically starts downloading an update as soon as i launch it. It’s crawling 1% every few minutes until an error pops up.
Task manager says “Xsolla Launcher”, is it using their great services to download from?
I just about had enough of Xsolla seriously…

Found a work around for that.
Look in your 14.11.18.txt doc, There you will see a web site address. Copy and past without the " marks into your browser. It will download auto. Copy and paste file into SnapShot launcher folder and extract say yes to overwrite.

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