Purchased through Xsolla - no links past BB3

I have a purchase confirmation email from Xsolla for my purchase of Phoenix Point Luxury Digital Edition back in January 2018.

That email includes a transaction number/link which leads me to a download link for windows - but it only installs Backer Build 3.

I couldn’t find any information for getting Backer Build 5 (which tipped me over my ‘wait until release’ threshold) so I emailed Xsolla customer support who eventually closed my inquiry with “Xsolla is a platform for the monetization and optimization of global video games, we’re unable to provide game support. If you have a question about any gaming issue, please contact the game support.”

Since Xsolla apparently can’t/won’t help, is my money wasted?

How do I get what I paid for when I’m getting the brush off from the company I paid?

Thanks in advance.

You would have been sent an email from us contact@snapshotgames.com on March 27th containing your Epic Games Store key for the Backer Builds. If you need the email resent, please contact us at the previously mentioned address.

Thank you, I’ll give that a try.