Did I miss something?


After much deliberation I decided to pre-purchase to get early access (paying more than the normal just for early access, no offense to some but I am not interested in the extra’s at all). I’m no fool, I expect bugs and crashes and all manner of things… I wanted to get my hands on the game and if I can help test it and report bugs… great!

But the game is utterly unplayable. Tactical combat freezes on pandoran turn after about 3 turns. This happens every combat, no matter what I do or where I go. I have skipped a few combats with “win” in console. Changes nothing. My machine is not a toaster so im confident its not my PC.

Again, I am fully expecting bugs… but something completely unplayable? I didn’t pay £50+ quid for something that genuinely doesnt work at all a month and a half from release.

Little help appreciated here as I don’t want to go down the route of requesting a refund just to purchase the game in December. The game looks like it could be all of what I hoped for! (original X-com games where my first proper strategy games as a kid).

There has to be something I can at least try? Got a free weekend and wanted to get to grips with it and blow some stuff up!


Kind Regards

A frustrated citizen

Milny, I feel for you, I do.

I’ve stopped playing till the main game comes out but one thing is that the computer turns can sometimes look so slow that you think it has frozen or crashed. Worse when there is mist.

It’s not as bad as you seem to be experiencing, but it is a little buggy.

I’d optimise your system for performance, turn your graphics to potato, anything you can to speed it up.

It always help to search the forum…

Game locks up at the end of Pandoran movement

You mean, console command “win” don’t work?

You’re quite “late” to find bugs, the latest Update is 25 days ago, so there are still a lot of bugs and I think most to all bugs are now found.

I would wish to have some new bug fixes, maybe we will get it, maybe they are just working on release.

i’ll try it. but i doubt it will make a difference. I left it for a full 5 minutes and it didnt move at all.

Fingers crossed.


I looked at that thread and it talks about tech which I haven’t got anywhere near yet. This is literally right at the start of the campaign.

Okay, there are different reasons why the game crashed or freezes and not everyone get the same problems. If it early in the campain, I don’t have a clue how to fix, I only know the problem with some tech.

Also, the win command only works if i use it before the round where it crashes. once the game has crashed the console commands dont work. it lets me bring the console up. and lets me zoom in and out and move around…but nothing else.

Thanks for trying to help anyway! :slight_smile:

For anyone that cares… The difference between graphics at fantastic and potato… at fantastic the game hangs and i have to force close to windows… at potato it kills my entire PC. Dead.

I am having my doubts that this game will be ready in less than 2 months if im honest.

Actually we talking here just about is it possible to publish normal game to this date or we will need few more BBs? We are balancing between crazy bugs and trying to suppose how it would be like. Most positive of us trying to give some advance, othrs just waiting something with no bugs :slight_smile:

Clearly I think it needs more BB’s. There are far too many game breaking bugs for it to be released in this state.

This doesn’t seem like a Beta build ready for early access. It feels like an advanced Alpha build with immense detail.

They will fix the bugs before the final release in December (will believe it when I see it).

how can they not? We’ve more beta testers and bug hunters out here than Snapshot have employees…we all paid for the privilege of bug hunting in more ways than one.

Early access? Just another bug hunt…

But you are not playing the same version they have. Backer beta might have bugs that dev built doesn’t due to missing content. Dev built can have bugs that backer build due to having content that backer beta doesn’t.

Not that you guys reporting it isn’t helpful: they wouldn’t have F12 feature if it wasn’t.

And don’t underestimate what a skilled team of QAs can do. A casual player stubles into bugs, QA hunts, and researches them. Finding that the bug exists is one thing, figuring out what may trigger it is another.

While I appreciate the point… this isnt my first rodeo… but it is definitely the worst I’ve seen something so close to release bugs wise (game breaking bugs I mean). To the point of I can’t even press F12 because my entire machine dies a horrible horrible death upon some kind of trigger point… I’m beginning to think its possibly reinforcements… but still not 100% and I’m done with resetting my PC every 5 minutes now… (My PC is not a potato either just to clarify)

Frankly it just worries me. This isnt any slight on the developers. It looks like it can be truly wonderful when it’s done…

I am happy to be humbled come December… I sincerely hope I am…

My idea is simply that Gollop published his first game in 1988, that gives him more than thirty years experience in designing games. He has more experience in game design than most of us has in living. So, you know, maybe he does know a thing or two about making games that we don’t.

Damn, I feel so old now. :crazy_face: :

But you’re right, I’m really sure that Julian knows what he does.

I’m sure he does. I’m sure that every games developer does to some degree.

30 years experience doesnt make someone infallible though.

Like I said. I am happy… very happy in fact to be proven wrong.

The fact I cannot play the game for longer than 5 minutes before a fatal exception happens still stands though. I have never seen a game in early access a month and a half from release be in that bad shape. Of course it’s only an opinion but I can only say what I see without the necessity for sarcasm. :slight_smile:

Any particular examples?

My only other comparable experience was backer beta for Pillars of Eternity2: Deadfire, though the way it was done was quite different, as it is not a system driven title. The jump in quality between beta and final release was massive, though 1.0 wasn’t nearly polished enough. One thing I learned that state of beta wasn’t necessarly representative of the progress devs made, as certain aspects weren’t updated, unless devs wanted to test something in particular. I haven’t seen an indication that something of that sort is happening here, but if they straight up updated build, without thorough bugfixing, it might explain why it has so many technical issues.

My hope is that state of Backer Beta is poor, because they work on main game, instead of spending time to polish the test build. I am really curious to see how the game will turn out.

This is only my second rodeo, and point taken, I won’t be backing any other game ever. Gollop’s name was enough to put me aboard, but the risk of paying in advance and either not getting what you wanted (I remember Duelyst, which went from a single player experience to an e-sports thing) or not getting anything at all is just to damn high. Warcraft 3 is one of my favorite games ever, but even when the HD update Reforged went to pre-sale I refused to pay for it, at the time there were already talks that Blizzard was no longer the company it used to be, and we have no idea what the final product will be like.

So yeah, really crossing my fingers for PP to be 2019’s best strategy game…