Game locks up at the end of Pandoran movement

Game has become unplayable. It consistently freezes during the second or third Pandoran turn, on every mission I try.

One thing you can try, in my case it was some higher Synedrion tech, I think the motion detection module.

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What you mean by ‘try’? :slight_smile: Try to take out? Or take on the mission? Do you have any indication what can cause such freezes? Because it currently prevents me from playing and I can’t figure out what is the cause (I don’t have time to test all equipment / skills / aliens combinations).

I can’t say for 100% sure what kind of equipment causes these freezes. In my game it was the Synedrion motion detection module. For as long as at least one soldier uses one (in my game near everyone) nearly every game hung up, after I removed them from all soldiers I was able to play some tactical missions to end.

Edit: My feelings say me it is mainly caused by some Synedrion tech, but haven’t tested all tech yet.

I’ll have to try this. Thanks. I did just pop a motion detector onto one of my gals, and I bet that’s it.

Anything you think might fix it from the console? I know this is “early access,” but typing “win” is cheap, but also the only way I’ve found to move forward.

I’m having the same issue. The Pandorans sometimes just refuse to end their turn. The game doesn’t freeze up or crash, the turn just never changes. Not only Pandorans, it also happened on a map with Synedrion.

I haven’t tested if it has anything to do with motion detectors. I am not really sure what these motion detectors do anyway, so I just equipped them on a couple of my soldiers, but I will try to un-equip them and see if the bug persists.

I have to say, since I ditched the motion detectors I’ve been able to complete battles again. Seems to be a good fix, and a little more elegant than typing “win” into the command console after 1 or 2 turns.

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But this happens even before reaching motion detectors tech.

I had the same experience once I installed the motion detection module on a helmet.
Unfortunately it is no longer visible in the equipment screen - and thus can’t be removed…
It was a module that I got “gifted” at teh end of battle, so not researched