Fine for hours, then suddenly. unplayable

So… I was one of the people who bought the early access game and could not get the “doom meter” past 1% without severe crashing.

I then posted on here in BB5 about how I wonder if this game will be ready for release a month later… something strongly defended by many… so I held faith to the mighty Gollop… lets see what happens in December.

I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised… and I was! Doom meter is at 17%, put lots of good fun hours into the game… yes there we bugs but thats to be expected! REJOICE!!

Now, suddenly after 4-5 days of happiness… it crashes every few minutes. it is completely random and the action is different everytime so no chance of reporting via f12. sometimes its mission launch, sometimes mission end. sometimes scrolling on the geoscape. The crashing is utterly random… so I see a patch… great… update game… load up. now the game crashes instantly on deploy action… to the point I can’t even recover to desktop and have to reboot my machine.

I won’t bother going through my machine specific specs, safe to say that PP shouldn’t even touch the sides, I recently upgraded in preparation for Cyberpunk 2077… so… yea.

Now, its not my cup of tea top go asking for refunds… its not the right thing to do so early on with a studio trying to find its feet… but when the first patch out a week later makes it worse… my confidence is waning… I come to the forums and clearly I am not alone.

Please, Dev’s give us some indication of some minor miracle… because this is just… :frowning:

P.S When it works, I love it. Good job.

Lots of Love

A Frustrated Milny