When will I be able to play? ( whitout game breaking bugs)

I bought this game when It came out a couple of years ago, then i stopped playing because i coundt complete a quest because every time i loaded my game , captured pandoran disapared.

now , im stuck in a loop, after a mission it load the map right b4 the mission begun.

I know you are aware of this bug, but apparently its not your priority to fix it.

you have released 3 dlc and the game is still unplayable. you should be ashamed

I have not seen anything like you describe so far. Regardless if there are progress breaking bugs they are very rare and usually fixable just by reloading or restarting the mission. Thought could be just a bug introduced in the last patch, that will be likely fixed in the next one.

Still, claiming the game is unplayable is completely misrepresenting the actual state of the game in my opinion. Also patches introducing new bugs, or games not being completely bug free is pretty much inevitable in software design, you should not insult the devs for making their jobs.

Regardless, who are you complaining to? We are not devs, nor we represent them. This is a community forum, not a feedback tool.

There is an actual feedback tool, and there is an actual in game bug report system. Use the proper tools to report bugs. Also being polite, accurate and not using exageration or personal attacks may actually help, if what you want is to actually report a problem for it to be fixed.

Also, cherrypicking two separate issues from your experience, connecting them in your argument for no reason, and argue for the bad faith of the devs based on that imaginary conection, is not a good argument. That is not how reality works, and is an accusation in bad faith.

Finally, expecting a problem you just reported to be inmediately fixed, and starting to use personal attacks, discredits your position and removes your credibility. Don’t do that if you want people to help you.

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Its not because you did not see it that its not there.

The game breaking bug are still there and not fixable like you claim.

And not its not misreprensenting the game the only thing I can do is play the same mission over and over. I undetstand that a game can have some bugs but still being unplayable after all this time , there is no excuse.

They stated themsleves that they are aware of this bug and dont need more report on it. Im verry accurate and im not exagerating. I have the right to critics too.

And yes I played twice and ended up whit game breaking bugs both times. This what I experianced, Im not cherry picking anything.

And after about a year , yes I expected my first problem to be fixed. A year. I dont call that imediatly. It was fixed, but they intruduced another game breaking bug , so it doesnt matter !

I waited a year after I bought the game for it to be properly fixed and its not. Yet you still defend them?

You are the reason why we get half-assed games! Grats

I have to (partially) agree in that the game has had some serious bugs. I have made use of the in-game bug report feature many times, and everything that I have reported appears to have been fixed. I recommend you file a bug report when you run into an issue.

And they are know about the last bug since june. Im pretty sure they if they had there priority sraight, it would allready be fixed

Im the kind of guy the will run into every bug there is …

He’s not wrong. This bug, if you encouter it, makes game unplayable. Unless you wish to repeat same mission over and over again. :man_shrugging:

im in the same boat.
5 tries at different points in time. 5 breakages. (counting the times i could recover by replaying 10 missions :()

I believe the mac version is worse than windows [or rather: i hope for PP it is]
I might try again when i retire. (in a few decades)

maybe it will be playable after they spit out 2 or 3 more dlc !

Interesting. I just as @oSiyeza had no game breaking bugs (except early or test build version). In retail version I was able to play without such issues, but yes… bugs are there and some players experience them. Devs are aware of that, and they try to fix them. It just takes a lot of time, as the team is divided for different responsibilities and bugs list is quite long (some bugs unfortunately are reappearing with next updates) so it surely will take some time before game will be free of such stuff.

id like to at least have an eta on this bug :confused:

This is not what I have claimed. The game is stable for most players and has been for a long time, and most bugs are rare and fixable. This does not mean other bugs do not exist or cannot appear in new patches.

What it means, is that you probably are unlucky, and you may be experiencing a rare bug. Which everybody unsderstands is frustrating and not a good place to be in. In that position you report the bug and wait for feedback. Or if you are unsatisfied with that option, try to get a refund.

What you have done is inmediatley claiming the devs are dishonest, that your experience reflects the quality of the game for everybody, and insulting the very people you are requesting help from. You should not need for people to tell why that is a bad attitude to have.

Unfortunately, that is just not possible in software design. Devs working to solve your bug is the most you can reasonably expect to have.

They will probably try to address most issues they can in the next planned update (October first). But it is impossible to warrantee that any specific issue will be addressed on a specific date. software updates follow demanding schedules. And Bugs are hard to fix and very hard to diagnose. And no software ever gets to a bug free state, that is just impossible.

Only thing you can count with at this point is that this dev team has reliably and eficiently addresed and fixed these issues in the past. And that they keep working to fix these problems. Insulting them will not get you anywhere.

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Some bugs that are thought to be fixed can show up in rare situations. The devs need F10 bug reports to see why they are still happening. Without these reports, the devs are lost.


I cant get a refund because I had the game for too long .

Yes I do think the devs are disohonest . I did not buy an early access game, but it sure feels like it.

I did not say my experience reflect the quality of the game for everyone , but you seems to think yours do.

And I have all the right to critics , and at this point I dont know what else to do. Like i said ealier , this game had potential , but the screwed up.

And yes it is possible to give and eta and to get a game that has no game breaking bug… especially 1 year after its release.

The game was never playable for me. I did not pay for a beta. I think a year is more then enogh time to get the game to a "playable"state. It should have been on release.

Why you are defending this is beyond me

I am bug magnet and im aware of this

@Valygar said that, for this particular bug, they don’t.

Because the only persons active here are fans and optimists. :stuck_out_tongue: At least most of them; I am neither. :man_shrugging:

Read what I said, and then read what you are saying. You are not only misrepresenting and ignoring my words. You are also contradicting yourself and claiming exactly the very thing you pretend you are not.

Your feelings and your experience with the game do not define the honesty of the devs. You are attacking them for doing their jobs, and pretend the game has just been broken for a year completely ignoring that you probably just encountered a bug introduced with the new patch

So you are claiming that you are aware that you have been unlucky with the bugs, and that therefore the devs are dishonest? Is that it?

Maybe be rational and polite. Maybe report the bug you encountered with the in-game tool and add a post in feedback forum, and wait till the next patch to see if the bug is fixed. Maybe if the bug you have just encountered is not fixed in the next patch contact SG and try to find a solution that works for you. Maybe not proceeding to immediately insult the devs after finding a bug in a game.

You are projecting your frustration into reality. You claim to have suffered an early bug that has been fixed a long time ago, and now you are experiencing another bug after the new patch. Then you claim that this demonstrates that game has been broken for a year. That is not how reality works.

I claimed harassing the devs is not a healthy or helpful attitude. You should be able to understand why you should not attack the character of people whose character you don’t know anything about. I hope a simple remark on basic human interaction is not beyond you.

Assigning a label to a person is not a reason and does not make you right. If you think you can just disregard what I said by claiming I’m a fan, you are wrong. Addressing the arguments of people you disagree with is how you have a conversation. Assuming you can just ignore what others say but putting them on a group, is just dishonesty.

Just for information, this seems to be the official statement of the devs on the bug:


Lol projecting my frurstation into reality… I cant play the game because of the bugs. Its verry real

And yes the devs are dishonest. I did not pay for a beta.

I might be a bug magnet , but the bugs I find in other game ( that are not early access) are not game breaking.

I paid for a game id like to be able to play it.

Dont say I ask for too much come on !

Your tongue is getting black from all that boot licking

Lol, don’t bother. I stopped giving shit about what and who and why you consider right a long time ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

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