This game needs to be fixed

This game was not ready for release. I cant finish missions that require me to evac my soldiers because the game hangs once I end my turn. I have to save after every turn I make because I’m constantly having load errors. I cant start certain missions because of glitches. I cant finish missions because worms get launched into walls. Then the game freezes on the Pandorans turn. I probably send in 20 bug reports a day and i’m getting sick of it. Then i’m asked to pay another 40$ for the DLC? I had to download a mod that allows for use of the command console just to be able to play this game. I’m getting very frustrated, I dont buy EA games because of this BS, constantly pushing out titles full of bugs and glitches that make the game unplayable. This message is to the Developers, what kind of compensation are we going to get for buying full retail price for a beta? Every bug I encountered in the backer build is still present now.


well i’ve sent an e-mail to the developers about this. I dont see why they would delete this post, a large portion of gamers are having the exact same issues as me. I just lost a 20 hour campaign because all my save data was corrupted. I had high hopes for this game, but man these bugs have crippled the game.

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they unlisted it, cant be seen

Eventually in few months it will be fixed and playable.

How is that acceptable? Why would they release an unplayable game? then offer no compensation to us? On top of that ask for an additional 40$ for the DLC? this is BS. This type of behavior can only happen because we allow it.

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Capitalism allows it, we accept it.
Half usable or non tested products marketed for users to swallow it.