The December Release

BB5 is f’cking awesome! So much was crammed into the package that it becomes difficult to even know where to start: the game runs much smoother, the factions and their backstory are highly interesting, the diplomacy system is a charm. And that piano driven Geoscape BGM? So melancholic and beautiful. I’m very happy to have backed the game, truly am!

That said, I don’t believe the December release will be met. Not a criticism, really, but there seems to be quite a lot of content still to be placed:

  • The perception system doesn’t seem that accurate;
  • Stealth is MIA;
  • PTSD system, as soldiers carrying mental and emotional trauma from battles and dealing with them with drugs and/or related substances;
  • As far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any new bosses, and that was quite a point during the FIG Campaign;
  • Following the last, no word on Behemoth battles;
  • Following all these points, so many balance points to be achieved, and subsequent optimization;
  • Customization options. Many many customization options.

And for just three months, heck, that’s an awful lot of work. But, you know, not a problem. Gonna return now to the Geoscape now…


I think there’s a good understanding and tolerance for development delays in the gaming community in general. Especially gamers who’ve been active for a decade or two, as they will have seen what happens when you have mad crunch, followed by a rushed release. You get disappointing games, and if you’re particularly egregious, you get EA Spouse lawsuits, and disgruntled employee posts in public forums.

That said, there have been a handful of smaller delays already, and not all of the players have access to the backer builds. If it gets pushed back again, maybe a limited public beta?

Yeah, like I said, not a big deal if another delay happens.

This has been talked before, some of the people who didn’t back the game now would like to enter Backer’s Build as well. Not sure that will happen, though

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If further delays are needed you could put a public demo out - Maybe the tutorial?

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I like demos, and it’s a pity the new times have put Let’s Play videos as substitutes for the glorious demos. Not sure if Snapshot will have the resources for it.

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That e3 demo was a nicely rounded-out (if punishing) experience, maybe that could be polished up with all the latest additions?

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More stuff that is not in yet are allied ai controlled troops,base personnel,permanent injures,cybernetics. So really doubt they are going to make a December release unless they cut most of this things which will piss off more people.

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This is backer beta, not development built. Not all content is there.

Half of that probably won’t even be in game, but not like it’s needed.

I think a lot of that stuff in complete, but was kept out of the build to avoid spoiling things. But we may be delayed again, I wouldn’t mind. I won’t get to play much until summer cause im busy with college ;-;

I realize that game development is not just as simple as “this guy in the forum posted something, so now we’re doing that”. There could be any number of reasons why the release date is set for december 2019.

I fully agree with the OP of this thread, however. As of BB5, the game simply needs more work. I’d estimate about 6-12 months more development, but that’s more of a “guesstimate” than anything, since I’m not actually a developer on the project.

I’ve been following the game and playing backer builds since may 2018, and I have been overwhelmingly pleased by the progress of the game since then.

I personally believe this is the best sequel to the UFO: Enemy Unknown games, and I’ve played quite a few of them.

Because I believe this game has the potential to be a Game of the Year, and quite possibly a grander revival of the genre than XCOM and XCOM 2 by Firaxis were, I’d hate for the game to get a poor reception because of bugs, lack of tweaks or features. And since I know how absolutely ruthless gamers can be with new releases, I really really want Phoenix Point to be as finished and polished a product as possible at release.

In any case, I really really hope Phoenix Point will be well received and become a huge success so that we may see expansions or sequels in the future! I really, really love the game! :smiley:


Yeah I was thinking similar over the past few day and I think it needs to be said.

Please don’t release the game as a unfinished product, give it the time that it needs if you can.


I have faith in the developers :sunglasses: Even if not exactly in the December release

I would lie, if I said that I didn’t have worries, but I am not sure if I am able to really gauge PP state.

Delay to December means to be, that Snapshot isn’t interested in pushing PP out of the doors as soon as possible - hopefully it will be enough time to finish and release the game in presentable state. Unfortunately, one doesn’t always have all the time in the world.

For now I remain optimistic and I am looking forward to playing 1.0 version be it in December or later.

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I hope they will release a bb6 before seeing the release of the game, to test new features in case of delay.

There will be no further backer builds before release.



Please, mercy, please :stuck_out_tongue:

The release will be a disaster then.
I might be surprised but this is looking more like a 70% than a 90% game.
Makes me kinda sad.



We have a slight glimpse of the final version, we must not announce a disaster before seeing the final content. I’m pretty confident, I do not think the development team is taking the risk of taking out an incomplete product.


Yeah, and that slight glimpse is full of bugs and frustrations. Your confidence is based on what exactly?