Can anyone tell me when the Release Version keys will be sent out please

The Backer Build will stay in your library so long as you have the files on your computer. The files will eventually be removed from Epic so you won’t be able to download the backer build again at that point.

If you want to keep the backer build, I suggest making a back-up of it in another location

I would generally remove Backer Build from the library but I feel it will stay with me until the end))))

Same problem, Dec 1st now.

the emails with the keys have been sent out. Check your spam/trash/promotions folder for the email from It’ll be titled “Your Phoenix Point Epic Store Key”

I just did that and did not find anything. so…

the emails I got in the past month are:

the Email “Is time to rise from the Ashes”

and the one about the 10$ season pass.

/I have one of the emails names that are very very long, would that cause a problem?

it shouldn’t. the email with the key was sent the day after “is time to rise from the Ashes”

any chance there is a different email address associated with how you paid?

Checking, god is been a very long time.

the email I am checking now is where the Xsolla receipt Phoenix Point Digital Download Edition was sent to on 07/14/2018.

nope, not in the other 2 emails I use either.

I’d send an email to then



what other info should I put in it aside from my Xsolla receipt?

stating your issue and including your transaction ID should be enough

Kay, did not recieve the email with the key and forwarding the reciept from Xsolla from 07/14/2018

Thanks a lot

I have a question about the keys. I’ve bought the game via in May, and I’ve received my key for the backer build for the EGS, and I’ve been using it for a long time now. But now as the full game is about to release, will my copy of the game on EGS be automatically replaced with the full game version? Or do I have to contact support for the key for the full game?

I suppose you have a problem as g2a was not (or should not be) selling full game. :slight_smile: So… you will have to buy game again?

Hmm… They started to sell it when the Epic Games Preorders became available. It was the key for a platinium edition of the game. So I thought it would be the same as buying a preorder directly, which I unfortunately couldn’t do at the time, as Paypal doesn’t work well with Polish debit cards, and Paysafecard costs are enormous.
So basically I got scammed?

Hard to say. Maybe try to contact Snapshot Games. But Backers Build definitely won’t be replaced by full game.

It does seem like that, since the seller probably knew the key for Backer Build could be sold, but the final game would be through another key. Contact Snapshot, that’s your only option right now.

G2A isn’t a grey market place - they are an ecosystem which sells 2nd hand and stolen game keys.

Keys for backer beta and final release are separate. Reseller should have provided keys for both Backer Beta and release versions. Any issues should be taken with G2A, but whenever they take any responsibility for keys they sell I do not Know. They certainly dodge any responsibility when it comes to selling stolen keys.