No backer's build on epic store

I’m not backer, but buying game on EGS and receive email with game key. In this email there was an instruction how to enter the code in the EGS and get backer buils. I did everything, as a result, except for the pre-order, the phoenix point did not receive anything. How to get a backer version?
P.S. Sorry for my english, is very bad.

yeah you don’t that part is over now

How may i get backer build? Or need wait fixing EGS?

you don’t get the backer build you will get the real program when it comes out.

If you bought the game today, you don’t get access to Backer Beta. It is not on sale anymore since November 8th. The key is for the full game which will release on Devemeber 3rd.

Someone reported that an email mentioning backer build is a goof. The email template wasn’t updated yet. :wink:

So the “you don’t have a prerequesite” message on EGS is due to the fact that we can’t access the backer build anymore. correct? I bought the game a several months ago and assumed that I’d be able to access the backer build back then, but I guess I have to wait for the actual game to come out now?

I don’t know. Perhaps someone with access to BB could answer that. BB isn’t on sale anymore, but as it is seperate key, I don’t see why someone who bought it before wouldn’t have access to it.

There was not announcement about BB5 becoming unplayable. Perhaps, it’s a bug following behind the scenes changes?

I could understand that. I bought the game on Phoenix Point’s website through Xsolla instead of on the EGS a few months ago, and never got any key or anything for a backer build. I only just got a key recently after purchasing the season pass, but I can’t put it in through EGS, so I’m hoping it’s a bug of some kind.

The Season Pass only works with the full game, not the backer build. The “you don’t meet the prerequisite” message is because you don’t have a copy of the full game, just the backer build. The full game will be a separate program from the backer builds, with a separate key.

If you pre-ordered a copy of the game with the backer build a couple of months ago you will have gotten a key then for the backer build. These tiers were only on the main website. If you pre-ordered through the Epic Game Store, that is just the base game at launch.

The email with the key can end up in your spam/trash folders or in you promotions folder on Gmail or Hotmail.

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@ierd300we If you pre-ordered the game through the Epic Game Store and not the main website, that is just a copy of the base game at launch. The tiers that included access to the Backer Build were only on the main website, and are no longer on sale.

Alright then.Thanks.

a tier with just the base game was and is still sold on the Xsolla storefront, so you’ll need to check which tier you have. If it is the Platinum or Signature Editions, you’ll have access to the backer builds

Thanks for explanation. I bought game on main web-site but link on main site transit to EGS.

when did you purchase your copy?


okay, you missed your chance at playing the backer builds as the tiers that included them stopped being sold on the 8th (not sure where in the world you are). That said, launch day is December 3rd so you don’t have a long wait ahead of you.

Very very sad. Ok, i waiting December 3rd. Thanks you very much.

you’re welcome