Havn't recived pre order key

HI I pre ordered the game back in 2018 and ive been receiving the backer builds and upadets via email all the time but recently I reviced emails about the the pre order codes comin out on Nov 8 and I havnt recived mine yet. Is there a particular reason why??? ive got the backer build on EGS since build 4 will this be upgraded to the full game on release or will it be a separate game

No pre-order codes went out Nov 8th. On Nov 8th, the store on the website stopped selling versions of the game with access to the backer builds. The only other thing that happened on Nov 8th, is that discount codes for the Season Pass were sent out. You can safely ignore that discount code though as you’ll be getting the Season Pass for free on launch day, Dec 3rd.

BB4 has been updated to BB5 on Epic on Sept 3rd. BB5 is the last update to the backer builds. On December 3rd you will get a key to the full game in addition to the Season Pass key.

The reason you getting the Season Pass is that is how the DLC included in the Epic Deal for the people who backed before March 12th is being handled

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thanks for the reply I was starting to worry I would miss out. I look forward to the full release

You’re welcome.

Oh yeah, your Steam or GOG key and the Season Pass for the appropriate platform will be sent to you in Dec 2020 (again, part of the Epic deal)

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So Epic customers (as well as all website buyers) are scheduled for December 3rd?

Yes, as well as those people with the Microsoft Game Pass on PC.

The Microsoft Game Pass on XBox is Q1 2020
The PS4 release is late 2020
Steam and GOG are December 2020

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