Bleeding Kills Issue

Just one point. If 2 or more enemies are bleeding and will/should die at the end of the turn. Only one enemy will die at each turn. It can sort of defeat the object of firing rockets and grenades to kill big swarms of enemies. This should be looked at in the next update, unless I just have a bug.

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I haven’t noticed that, I’ve had 3 or 4 drop at the same time. They do take the bleed damage at the beginning of their turn though, so depending on whether they’ve already fired they may not die from it immediately. <-- Edit: this comment was dumb, of course they haven’t fired as their turn begins…

I will be on the lookout now though and update if I do see this :slight_smile:

If the bleeding does not kill them then they will all bleed. It’s only if 2 or more will die at the same time from bleeding. The system will only kill one and will kill the other on the next turn if you haven’t finished the job before :confused:

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Still not sure I understand the timing part. The system is applying the bleed damage at the beginning of the enemy’s turn right? Edit: They should die in sequence as their turns come up if their bleed is greater than their remaining HP. Often if a few die at once for me the camera only focuses on the last one in the bunch as the rest politely fall over off screen.

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Yes but will only kill one enemy each turn. Not multiple that should die at the same time

Are they walking around with 0hp or is the bleed not triggering?

The enemies should be dying as their turn comes up. So they’ll drop whenever they would normally fire. That’s the expected behavior, so if they’re doing that then it’s not a bug. Still unclear on that. The game has turns for characters and turns for teams, which are you referring to?

The bleed isn’t triggered if more than one enemy should die on their turn. Make sense?

So you fire a grenade, it causes 3 enemies (for example) to start bleeding and you end your turn. Each of them is taking 3 points of bleed per turn and have 4,3,and 2 HP respectively. So when their turns come up the one with 2HP dies, the one that started with 3HP just still has 3HP, and then the one with 4HP takes bleed damage down to 1HP? (Edited for clarity)

sort of. the one with 3hp will go down to 1hp, even though they have 3 bleed points

Okay, yea that’s a bug for sure. Sorry if I came off as doubting you, I was just pushing for specifics because I figured if I didn’t know what was going on the devs would probably have trouble understanding. <3

Haha no worries mate. Good to discover that it’s a bug and not a gameplay mishap

Now that I think of it this should probably be in bug reports rather than general feedback, I’ll flag it for the admins to move it if that sort of thing matters to them :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT I swear to god it was showing general feedback earlier. Not now… DERP SORRY

I’ve already changed it mate. I did as I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or just a misjudgment in gameplay mechanics. Phaha

Strange. For me multiple crabs die in single turn if the bleeding takes them to 0 HP. There is bug that sometimes bleeding is not triggered. But still if I had 3 bleeding crabs with 1 HP left and bleed wouldn’t trigger for 1 of them then 2 still die, but camera shows only one death of course.

Yeah, so far, it seems that 1) camera will only show 1 of them, but all will be dead. 2) bleed applies at the start of enemy turn, to all. They don’t get the damage at the start of the individual moves, but the start of their round. At least, they did. Haven’t hopped on since last patch yet, so maybe something changed. Heck, could be another attempt to slow down grenade spam, although it seems like a weird way of doing that.

That’s never happened on my save. The aliens that are supposed to die don’t. It’s taking them out 1 by 1

Did you play before the patch last week, also? Has it been doing that since day 1 for you?

I think the issue only started post patch

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Yeah, I get this occasionally too. Sometimes they’ll have 1hp and 6 bleeds, that’ll do it but often they’ll have 2 health 3 bleeds and only one of them dies even though they were damaged at the same time.

Again, applies with the most up to date patch: didn’t before.

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Where do you get this from? Every one will die if their HP is equal or lower then bleeeding (e.g. bleed 2, HP remaining 2).

Edit: Seems to be new bug