Bleeding Kills Issue


I wonder if there’s a chance to resist bleed that we haven’t seen. Sort of like fumble on overwatch.


Bleed should be guaranteed damage which is applied at the start of the turn.


Yeah it’s obviously a bug I’m experiencing


@UnstableVoltage can you tell us what is that Fumble mechanic? I have never experienced that, but saw it on some of the videos of other players.


It represents a soldier not having the correct proficiency to use a weapon.

While a soldier can use a weapon that they aren’t proficient with, they have a chance to “fumble” on an overwatch shot and not manage to get the shot off.


Nice. :slightly_smiling_face: This is why I didn’t experience that. I don’t switch starting weapons between soldiers (maybe with the exception that Defender goes to Assault when I find GL or Shotgun for Technician). And which class is experienced with Grenade Launcher and Shotgun? Ah with GL you cannot overwatch. So well with a shotgun is proficient only Assault, or Tech too? Or noone?


I know I’ve fumbled overwatch using a pistol on heavy and shotgun on tech. I can’t remember if I’ve fumbled with a shotgun on an assault, but I feel like I have. Could be that PX weapons are automatically considered non-proficiency for our soldiers, since they’re all NJ. Not sure about that, though. I’d assume all soldiers would be proficient with sidearm, especially units with long range or suppression weapons, as they’d likely have sidearm as backup (in an ideal world not worried about game systems anyway).


the sniper is proficient with the PX Pistol, and is the only one AFAIK. Never has the need to check with the technician


So I have did some research and it looks like that Fumble mechanics is related only to overwatch and return fire (each try of fire), so only guns with bullets are prone to that. Explosive and melee should not suffer any downsides right now. So after some testing it looks like current weapons are good for:

  • NJ Machine Gun - Heavy
  • NJ Assault Rifle - Assault
  • NJ Defender - Technician
  • NJ Sniper Rifle - Sniper
  • NJ Pistol - Sniper
  • PX Pistol - Sniper
  • PX Shotgun - Assault

Every other class than those mentioned taking any of those weapons risk being not able to shoot in enemy turn.
Now I wonder what chance is for failure. Something like 20% or 50% or it depends on combination class vs weapon?


Just anecdotally, it seems to be much less that that. At most, once or twice in a mission, with probably 40-60 shots taken, which would be something like 2-5%


Interesting but I still could not replicate that bug. :slight_smile: But nevermind.

Right now I wonder if enemies dying from bleeding should not grant willpower boost to the soldier which caused that bleeding?