Scylla bleeding in first enemy turn

I wonder if only I had such case that there was Scylla spawned on the map with bleeding leg. Her configuration was:

  • Heavy (frenzy) head
  • torso
  • heavy carapace (80 armor one without abilities)
  • spawning abdomen (fragger each turn)
  • blasters
  • heavy legs (without leap)

And it was her leg bleeding, despite having almost full HP. Maybe shot from local berserker was the issue here. As she had 0 armor on this leg (so probably hit with Armor Break on Nergal’s Wrath).

In any case I had to quicken my ‘Scylla capture procedure’ so she won’t bleed out before I start shooting her. Btw quite long procedure with Hera handguns. :slight_smile:

EDIT: btw she had 3650 HP instead of 3900 when I spotted her in my first turn (so before local berseker had chance to shoot her). Haven’t checked armor and bleeding status then.

Just to make sure everything’s been checked, you’re certain it’s not a Scylla that ran away earlier, right?

Run away from where? It was haven defence mission where she appeared for the first time. I’m sure I have not faced her earlier. Because it was first time I saw heavy head and carapace on Scylla after last patch.

Sounds like she got hit by the Defenders before you arrived, which is an interesting thing to note.

If that could explain the situation then it would be great, but I suppose it is a bug with creating and spawning enemy.

MAYBE it was like she was spawned near the indestructible object and then her leg was disabled (new mechanic in Danforth for killing foes that spawn in and can’t leave an object). But that is my speculation. Equally possible is that mechanism for creating an alien failed. I had such cases in Backers Build with Sirens and Tritons, where they were generated without one arm (they had it but it was disabled from the start).

So maybe I will add that it was on the map with Disciples energy generator and it was her middle left leg disabled.

I had sort of the same thing, Scylla with little, like 5% health left at the start of a haven defense, spotted on 1st turn - strange thing also ther was a sound effect (short alien scream) before the landing intro…

But did you encountered her earlier? Because her HP is saved between missions.

hmm… do all pandorans have a unique identity?

No. Only Scyllas. They can reappear between missions. All other enemies are generated on the beginning of the mission (of course with rules set by local alien bases).