War Cry / Poison Worm

I’m sorry If I’m repeating someone else, but if it was reported already I couldn’t find it.
Anyway, here is the deal.
I’m doing this second Living Weapon mission and i’m fighting three chirons spamming poisonworms all around. The thing is that, when I war cry the worms (they are 7 of them) and I end my turn, there is a bug. It occurs everytime I war cry the worms. It doesn’t let me finish my turn, what’s more, it makes me able to control alien troops! If I move any of the troops after my attempt to finish the turn, I lose the interface (as it was switching of turns) and I can play no more.
What can I do? I’m going to lose 2-3 soldiers if I don’t use the skill. I can’t continue the game…