Odd one here frustrating

Sometimes when you kill all the enemies the scenario does not end. You get stuck in a battle screen with nothing to kill. You can’t end the scenario and only exit. The scenario then restarts with all enemies at full health.

There is enemy somewhere, so it is not ‘nothing to kill’ - it is ‘something to kill which is well hidden’. Most often enemies are behind some wall where you don’t have entrance and you need to use explosives to dispatch such enemies. Sometimes they are spawned under stairs, sometimes in high obstacle like truck. Frustrating but you need to carefully search for them.

I took your advice.

Let me say on at least four different scenarios, when an enemy was to bleed out either in the mist or near an enemy spawn/exit, this sort of error occurred. I have checked every corner. But to no avail.

@Biggus yes, it happens every now and again. I used the command prompt to force the win in those situations (press “?” and type “win”).

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Nice temporary work around, but doesn’t address the problem.

@Biggus it does not, but until the finished game comes out it’ll have to do! I imagine it’s one of those things that will be fixed by December; the devs certainly know about it.

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