About bleed on crabmen

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a mechanic that I don’t understand. I encountered plenty of instances when bleeding should have killed the enemy on his turn, but didn’t. It seems random. Does for example, 3 bleed drops mean the unit loses 3 hitpoints at the start of his turn?

I’m pretty sure it’s a bug; it seems the scripting for the start of the enemy turn ocasionally gets out of order with the enemies’ actual activations or outright skips, which leads to the bleed not procing.

I’ve seen some other odd interactions like the soldiers skipping their bleed proc and the Crab Queen’s spawn sometimes after and sometimes before a crabman bleeds out and reduces her willpower.

Bleed damage should be taken at the start of the turn, with 1 HP for every bleed. If the death isn’t happening when it should, it’s most likely a bug.

I didn’t report it but I too have had this happen. Of my 5 playthroughs it has only happened to a single enemy, though that single time did ultimately lead to losing that mission due to how things snowballed from there.

Just figured I would put in my bit on this so it can be passed along.

Is bleed negated by armor?