Is something wrong with Siren bleed-damage?

I have on my current run on Heroic lost 3 snipers to bleed damage after Siren melee attack. As the attack happens I look at remaining health of the Sniper and the stated bleed-value and think everything will be okay. I can get to them with a health-kit. Then Panda turn ends and the Snipers die!!!

Now I have currently been playing “Honest-man”, meaning I don´t save every round relying permernently on the game and my decissions, so so far I have no save game files to report, but it has now happened 3 times in a months game time …

Anyone else noticed anything similar?

Each Siren slasher arm attack causes 20 bleeding. Could it be just that?

Not sure - it says bleed 20, not 1, 2 or 3 times 20 or 20, 40, 60 … which it sort of should if they add together.

But possibly …

If I’m not mistaken, the Siren can do a double slash-arm attack. (At least the Armis can definitely do it). That gives 40 bleed, and if it disables a limb, it would add another 10.

Well, I only see icon for 20 bleed on the screen. Not 40 or 50. But still, could be the issue.

Something is deffinetly off. Just had an Assault survive a Sireene melee attack with a “20 Bleed”-icon after. This time I noticed a “50 damage” on the assault at the end of the round.

Assault survived.


I know - it is dangerous to get too close to Sireens - but you also have to kill them. Would be nice with correct info on the screen, so that you know just how dangerous it is!
And then can plan for, who can survive going in close …

last I checked, the attack does correctly display the bleed amount after a siren attack (usually 50, as the sirens melee generally knocks out a limb, and she will always use the double if both her arms are intact).

Maybe the end result i right. But I only get “Bleed 20” or as little, so I think my soldier is gonna be okay. Then they are not …