[BB5] Difference between aircrafts

What is the difference between Manticore and other aircraft? I just unlocked Synedrion’s aicraft called Helios but it really doesn’t tell anything about the craft itself. Does it have more room for soldiers? Is it faster? Does it have more fuel so it can make longer trips?

All the manufacturing screen tells is that the Helios costs 70 tech, 1100 materials and takes 10d 10h to build (I have two fabrication plants).

Sorry if it is told somewhere in the game but I can’t find the info :frowning:

The differences have to so with soldier capacity, range and speed as far as I know.

The Anu Tiamat blimp can hold 8 soldiers, and when upgraded can fly halfway around the world in a single trip. It is very slow. Great for planned assaults of alien bases and the like

The Synedrion Helios holds fewer soldiers, but is very fast. Not sure on the range. Great for rapidly deploying soldiers to emergencies, like haven or base defences.

I am not too familiar with the New Jericho Thunderbird. I think it has 1 more soldier slot than the Phoenix Project Manticore.

None of this is in-game as far as I know, as the Phoenixpedia isn’t implemented yet.

confirm. thubnderbird is 7 slots.

And slower than Manticore

confirm. thubnderbird is 7 slots.

And slower than Manticore

and has a somewhat higher range.

You can transport troops to a mission with it, but you cannot recruit soldiers or explore (this would be a bug).

And they all have one weakness Manticore don’t have:
impossibility to scan, recruit or do anything that doesn’t imply a simple attack (no possible interaction with heaven besides that) !