Aircrafts are slow

I remember a decade ago taking a flight from Paris to Los Angeles. It took 13 hours on an airliner.

So I tried the same in the game.

  • Helios: 14:37
  • Manticore: 19:23
  • Tiamat: 36:03 (and it’s taking more direct paths)

So Synedrion was able to somehow make laser tech work despite the enormous hurdles to do so but still have a ship that is slow like an airliner.
Tiamat is a blimp so I get it that it is so slow (never building one again).

Conclusion: ships should most probably go faster.


I’m not sure if aircrafts like dropships move faster than airliners. :slight_smile:

Well “harrier like” troop transports don’t exist currently so it’s difficult to say. And airliners benefit from flying very high altitude. Some helicopters do get close to 500 km/h (so not too far from the 700 km/h average for Los Angeles->Paris by an airliner), but with the stops to refuel I guess it would be longer.

In a world where laser weaponry can be cooled so efficiently and energy stored in such a small place, I’d say we definitely can have faster ships with better range (energy is not an issue).

Boeing V-22 Osprey. Propeller driven max speed 509 km/h at sea level, 565 km/h at 15,000 ft. Cruise at 466 km/h. Combat radius 722 km

So slower than an airliner, limited range, but would carry a squad of 24, more if they’re sat on the floor and not seats.

Don’t forget these aircrafts are smaller than airliners and have to refuel each time that they reach the max range. Takes significant time to land, refuel, takeoff again. How many stops each flights got from LA to Paris ?

Everybody seems to focus more on what aircraft exist today than the part where I compare to laser weaponry tech.

If you can put that amount of energy (and heat dissipation) into the size of a laser pistol (also for gauss), range shouldn’t be a problem for an aircraft.

It’s more an helicopter (turboprop) than a “harrier like”.
Harriers are jet-propelled and have a cruising speed of mach 0.92 (range 370 km).

By making the craft bigger to host troops, you could put a bigger payload of fuel for extended range while keeping an aerodynamic shape. And with the energy breakthrough from Synedrion (laser) and New Jericho (gauss) you can definitely imagine very long ranges.

So maybe there’s no infrastructure for gasoline, and planes have to use hydrogen or even ion propulsion.
Infinite excuses, after all at that level of tech the fight could be done by ai controlled drones if you go down that path