Aircrafts Strategy

I am playing a new campaign , Legend level, and I don’t know if I should produce a new Manticore or stealing an aircraft is the best idea.

Playing Veteran LV several times, it was not complicated, last time I ended producing 5 more aircrafts, reputation 100 with every faction, and plenty of resources 3000+

But Legend is a different thing, currently ODI 30 , and I spend my resources repairing facilities (6 bases founded) , providing better weapons(Synd Tech) and armors, I have 12 soldiers, only one Manti, +25 for NJ and +50 for SYN, ANU mission too far away, so I couldn’t reach +25. Bionics stuff researched, completing side missions.

I think Thunderbird is the best option (speed/capacity) but I will ned NJ tech, specially Technician, and Raven Snipers. That’s my point not stealing their ships

what is your approach for a second unit?

Second ship must be Anu’s. You need to complete Antarctica missions as quick as possible. If you don’t have any terminator which can kill all enemies in few turns, then it better to manufacture ship.

thank you Magor,

I have one “terminator” , if you mean a combo Assault/Heavy with Rage Burst and +30% damage, Deceptor MG will kill Scyllas in one burst

but I never liked Anu’s Tiamat , it’s super slow

Personally, one of the first thing what I do in every campaign (around when I find second base) is producing second Manticore.

On legend it’s waste if resources cause you don’t need second team. If you play without own restrictions, of cause.

but I do play with those restrictions, Rally the Troops one per squad and turn and Dashing one time only

me too - without hash tags :wink:

I will try next time, but in the beginning you have limited resources and factories, one Manticore production taking 4-5 days and resources of 3 soldiers that could be training in base, it’s a lot

Yes it is a lot, but I need to have 2 squads. One to scout world, second to defend havens, recruit and trade.

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for me I mostly use maticores good for defending and exploring and 1 Tiamat for special missions and final mission which I stolen as soon as I saw them flying around.

the tiamat is normaly my second or third aircraft. at the end of a game I have 7 manticores and 1 Tiamat.

Sounds good, but (so many aircrafts) doable for Legend?

on a legend run I think I had a total of 6 (5 manticore and 1 stolen taimat) yes it can be done in time with trade. 2 food facilitys per base more if needed. I know I can steal or build others types but the manticore is by far the best all rounder, the taimat is slow but its range and capacity make up for it and special missions have no real time limit, the ones that do are so close to your base it don’t matter.

Well, I have 2 Manticores and 13 soldiers now, but I want better armors, weapons, mist repeller facilities for my 7 bases , augmentations, I want it all :joy: